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Pabllo Vittar - 111

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Felp, Jul 25, 2019.

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  1. rdp


    Amor de Que is a classic already.
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  2. Late to the Flash Pose party but my gosh what a banger!!! It deserves to be an international hit.
    Love that Pabllo kept her Brazilian dancers for the video too.
  3. One of the very best tracks of her career. Hope this is a hit for her; it climbed 9 positions to #35 on Spotify today.
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  4. I wish Pabllo would take the hint to just stick to Portuguese
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  5. Sorry for the bump but I had to. Amor de Que is a hit. They played it in a very (very!) straight bar I went yesterday and everyone there enjoyed it.
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  6. Even a straight from my work said that amor de que was a good. Get that hit sis!
    Also i wish she released a video for Ponte Perra, it's the only song of the EP without one :(
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  7. Well, soon the EP will turn into an album with the "second part" coming next month or so. I wonder how many videos we'll get from this second part too. It seems like the lead will be a international feat. but for Carnaval season I don't think they'll risk anything else with Amor de Que and Parabéns having big chances of blowing up already.
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  8. There's a funk song with a female collaboration on the second part. I think this one will be the single for the brazilian market. "Amor de Que" is still fresh, there's a chance of it being huge on Carnaval season.
  9. He


    Amor de Que is amazing (and my December anthem!), and hope things continue to go up for him!
  10. He


    Ponte Perra is so unintentionally funny, though.
  11. Pabllo is apparently releasing a new promo single in collaboration with coca cola which will be featured on the second half of 111

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  12. The song + Video leaked in YouTube. Heard something that it is coming March 1st.

    It's ok but... nothing much. The preview is like... the full song already n.

    It's really uploaded and just unlisted nn
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  13. It’s cute but clearly just a promo song. The full album will be amazing, though.

    She recently confirmed that a video for her song with Thalía is ready and the song is on the album.
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  14. "Clima Quente" will hit streaming services tomorrow!

    I thought it was just me, but many fans are also noticing Jerry's "strange" attitude on the video. He's clearly not confortable and keep a distancing from Pabllo in every take. Yikes.
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  15. He


    I did notice this, he looks a bit disengaged at all times. Makes him look dull, to be honest. The "behind the scenes" is awkward too.
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  16. New single with Thalia out on Thursday, video on Friday! This is the first official single for the complete album, which has been delayed due to the virus.

    The album had 10 songs (5 of which are already out), went down to 9 because one of the features was rumored to be connected to the Coachella performance (possibly Anitta?), but Pabllo is back in the studio to record one new track since the released is getting delayed.
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  17. He


    Hmm, that photo is lacking a bit.
  18. Switch vibes.
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