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Pabllo Vittar - Batidão Tropical

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Felp, Jun 16, 2021.

  1. Yeah, "Follow Me" seemed to be some sort of lead for the international project but it ended up just being a promo single for her Coachella performance and the international tour.

    The international album was really the next project at some point, especially after the success of the international shows, but I think they noticed that Pabllo "lost" some space with the brazilian audience and decided to go with this album first. I'm really excited for it - especially because it's the first project that there are other producers involved and not just Brabo Music.

    I love Brabo but Pabllo really needed different producers.
  2. Single cover for Descontrolada was just revealed - love it!

  3. I'm so excited for Descontrolada, it sounds like a smash hit. None of the songs released after Batidão Tropical did anything for me so i'm really happy to be excited for new Pabllo again.
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  4. It’s a banger

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  5. He


    That live clip she posted was so good. Ready to play this on repeat.
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  6. Damn, this is so good. Just weird choice for a first single when Carol steals the spotlight in a major way.
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  7. Video is out!
    There's a "Lady Leste" (Gloria Groove's latest album name) plaque on the begging so it's safe to assume that the collab finally is coming.

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  8. Totally. A true queen.
    When she appears in the video, it's all hers. And that soft and angelic voice...
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  9. She’s featured on “Everybody” — track 9 on Honey Dijon’s upcoming album. Urias is also on the track. This is going to be great!
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  11. Nailed i! Again!
    Where does he get money for such high budget videos?

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  12. I don't care for the song but this music video is outstanding, maybe her best yet?!
  13. He's signed with Sony Music
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  14. This is the one people, from the newly released Honey Dijon album:

    The life,
    All these bitches wanna have this
    You know, all these bitches wanna have this
    Everybody wants to wear it
    Everybody wants the life
    These bitches go running around
    You know, the blogs and running around their neighbourhoods
    With those, what, fake purses and stuff
    Like, they want it
    Everybody wants to wear it
    Everybody wants the life
    Go fuck you
    I want it too!

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  15. The track with Honey is divine. Hoping she gains more goodwill now that Lula is back, prayer circle for a Pabllo set at his inauguration ceremony!
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