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Pabllo Vittar - Tímida (with Thalía) + 111

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Felp, Jul 25, 2019.

  1. She looks so hot in this video
  2. Charli's vocals on this song reminds me of Work Bitch by Britney.
  3. Pabllo made it! She pissed off Azealia Banks....

  4. That is incredibly ignorant
  5. Pabllo remains unbothered.

  6. She made some points though. It's the tone what is not good.
  7. She made no points. She’s been ignorant towards her before when she withdrew her concert at e northeastern festival after finding out she’d “open” for Pabllo, as she wouldn’t do so for “a man in a wig“.

    Pabllo’s music is all about brazilian music. Flash Pose might be one of the very few that isn’t.

    Her last album is basically 100% technobrega.
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  8. Let's get real, she heard "Flash Pose" only and thought she had Pabllo figured out.
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  9. Somehow, I knew the culprit was Azealia Banks even before I saw the screenshot.
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  10. To attack Pabllo for doing absolutely nothing to her, nah sis. Ms Banks needs to mail out more boochie soap before she comes for somebody who's actually putting in work.
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  11. Fuck, I hate Azealia.
    Sorry for the bump, but I've been getting my life to his second album. Really an incredible step up from the first one. I don't speak the language, but might just learn because of it.
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  12. New single "Parabéns" is out tomorrow, and video on Friday :)

    Album "111" is out 2 weeks after that.

    So stoked!
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  14. BOP!! I love this, to think some have the nerve to say she releases generic drag EDM songs.

    How old are you? Eighteen

  15. Turns out the "album" 111 actually is a 4-track EP.


    1. Parabéns (feat. Psirico)
    2. Amor de Que
    3. Flash Pose (feat. Charli XCX)
    4. Ponte Perra

    I'm... disappointed.
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  16. Same!

    This appears to be a new trend with artists releasing album teasers. The full thing is being released in 2020.
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  17. You played yourself thinking albums in 2019
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  19. Amor de Que is brilliant, one of my favourites ever by her.

    And not Ponte Perra being a reggaeton x PC Music bop, legend.
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  20. I’ve been obsessed with Amor de Que. It’s my new anthem, I screamed when I heard the lyrics for the first time.
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