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Pabllo Vittar - Tímida (with Thalía) + 111

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Felp, Jul 25, 2019.

  1. Amazing body of work. "Rajadão" is my favorite from the new ones.

    A deluxe version with extra songs is coming after the pandemic.
  2. Not as strong as "Não Para Não", but I enjoyed it, a short blast of energy.
  3. Oh wow.

    Rajadão debuted at #3 on Spotify.

    To have a drag queen occupying 7 songs out of the Top 50 in a country is magnificent.

    #3 Rajadão
    #10 Amor de Que
    #20 Tímida
    #21 Lovezinho
    #25 Salvaje
    #30 Parabéns
    #39 Clima Quente
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  4. I just can't with the memes...

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  5. I'm really enjoying the album. I don't understand a word but it get's me moving nevertheless.
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  6. New faves.
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  7. He


    I want Pabllo to have a song with Bad Bunny. Preferably one where they both drag it up and get frisky.
  8. So Jelena just announced that her new single is a duet with Pabllo...

    Correct me if I'm wrong but her Spanish is awful...
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    Yeah I barely got any of that, kii.

    Who is she?
  10. A serbian singer.
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    I hope this is like that Heidi Montag and Britney duet.
  12. I mean I'm not really a fan of her, but stylistically she isn't too far away from Pabllo.....and most of her things are actually high budget.
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  13. He


    Just read her wiki page. A rollercoaster.

    But also, maybe they won't sing in Spanish.
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