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Pabllo Vittar - Tímida (with Thalía) + 111

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Felp, Jul 25, 2019.

  1. Alice Glass and A Travestis on the same album. Who is doing it like her?
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  2. That was unexpected. There’s a little snippet of Pabllo’s verse on Pussycat Dolls’ “React” out there.
    The producer team responsible for Pabllo’s discography made a remix for this song early this year. It was supposed to come out alongside the Cash Cash remix but it was scrapped. The Brabo version without Pabllo’s verse is out there too.

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  3. OUT NOW!

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  4. Bandida is a vibe!!! Can't wait to see the music video
  5. Video is weirdly shot at times, but mama got budget on this one.

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  6. I loveee this video, it’s giving me K-Pop teebs.
  7. The cover is giving me so much life in its gaudiness. About to dive in!
  8. This looks like it'll be great.

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  9. I'm praying this will be a massive banger.
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  10. It's out in 5 minutes. I've heard a snippet and it sounds like a bop.
  11. Oh my god that beat. I love it. Bop.
  12. Song is a bop! The music video... exists.
  13. The video is cool and the song is amazing. Bopping.
  14. The song and video are wild. I’m obsessed.
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  15. Biggest debut ever for a song on Spotify Brazil.

    It did 1,4M filtered streams in the country. Overall, 2,8M streams.

    Debuts at 9 in Portugal as well and 57 worldwide.

    They smashed it. Brazil’s streaming power is insane; for a song to do nearly 1,5M just here... Artists should invest more in playlisting over here.
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  16. He


    Happy for them!

    Is it me or there’s little to no Pabllo ass in this? Seems she’s a bit hidden.
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  17. Yep. Probably because the song’s catered to a straight audience. There’s a shot in which they show Luisa’s, Anitta’s and when it’s Pabllo’s turn it goes to her face.
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  18. He


    Thought so.
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  19. He


    Aw, this is a bit let down by the editing. It needed that dynamic kpop camera work to make the choreo stand out more.
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  20. Here is a longer snippet of the scrapped React remix featuring Pabllo. The full thing is out there.

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