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Paige Cavell - Predators and Monsters Xenomania

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jackooh, May 6, 2019.

  1. Paige Cavell is a new Xenomania artist.

    Her new single has been announced today it’s called Predators and Monsters and it’s out 10th May.

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  2. The song is out.
  3. I say this as someone who even generally enjoys Unperfect, but this genuinelly sounds/looks like something straight out of Ark Music Factory.
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  4. Christ, where does Brian find these girls? The song is rancid.
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  5. I have never witnessed a spectacular fall from grace such as this. Miranda Cooper et al, come back and save Brian.

    I do like this a bit better than Unperfect, but it's by a hairline margin.
  6. Me in 2007: I'd love to get inside Brian's mind and see what goes on!

    Me in 2019: I'd love to get inside Brian's mind and see what goes on...
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  7. Xenomania needs to disappear again. The only good thing they’ve done recently is Nadine’s music.
  8. Ya'll high? This song SLAPS. I popped it on at pre's over the weekend and everyone was like ''oooh what's this?!". What a BOP.
  9. This song goes wonderfully with the Jax Jones, Solverid and Madison Beer song. I love me a tune that sounds like a European gloryhole.
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  11. I'm trying to decide if I'm onboard with this or not. It definitely bops, but in a 3Beat Bulgaria remix package sort of way. Would have preferred for it to be saved for Nadine's never-to-be-released second album.

    The "Xenomania presents..." tag is a bit desperate and reeks of Pussycat Dolls (feat. Nicole Scherzinger) vibes.

    I also have to say it annoys me that the mastering is so clean and polished for this when Brian under-produced the whole unperfect EP with that cheap tinny production.

    And meanwhile "Fool For Love" sounds like Brian made Nads record it in her car.
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  12. This has legit become one of my most fave songs of 2019. Why would he not have given this to Nadine!!!?
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  13. The video's not great but this is one of my favourite records of the moment. It's kinda Sia meets Clubland.
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  14. Wait this is really good.
  15. New EP was out today. I feel like that fell under the radar.

    1. Figure It Out
    2. Tug Of War
    3. Vibe
  16. Are they all Xenomania?
  17. I assume so, she’s a Xenomania artist.
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  18. OspreyQueen

    OspreyQueen Staff Member

    It's a cute EP, but there is literally nothing about it that sets her apart from the other Spotify pop girls. Predators & Monsters was a bit of a cheap move to get the four-on-the-floor gays on board, but at least it stood out a little from the crowd. These three songs are utterly devoid of any new ideas, and if they were indeed produced by Brian (which I can't even tell, none of them have any of his trademarks in any form), then it just goes to show how creatively bankrupt he is right now.
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