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Paloma Faith - Infinite Things

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Butterfly, Jan 21, 2020.

  1. Wait, you don't like Fall to Grace? That's my favourite record of hers!
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  2. I’ve listened to the whole album now. It’s not a bad album. I think someone else summed it up well by describing it as having less highs than her other albums overall.
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  3. I like many individual songs. But I always felt like that was the wrong album to follow Do You Want The Truth. Also, wasn’t Nelle Hooper involved with in the making of it? I’m generally a fan of Hooper’s productions, but something about that album felt wrong after her debut.
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  4. Fall to Grace has „Picking up the Pieces“ which is still one of her best songs ever. That makes it worthy already.
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  5. Let Your Love Walk In and 30 Minute Love Affair are definitely in her Top 10.
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  6. If This Is Goodbye might be the highlight for me.
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  7. I think a Paloma Faith discography rate might need to happen.
  8. This is definitely growing on me and I didn’t realise she recorded a lot of this in her basement at home during lockdown, which is cool.
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  9. Remove 'Me Time' and "I'd Die for You" and it's kinda perfect.
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  10. I prefer both of them over „Beautiful & Damned“.
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  11. ‘Me Time’ is one of my favourites!
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  12. Don’t see a lot of love for this one, it’s one of my favourite tracks!
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  13. Beautiful & Damned and Living With a Stranger needs to be singles. They should have gone with those along with Supernatural, Monster, and the title track to promote this album.
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  14. For me, "Monster" is the clear lead single. Memorable, instant, catchy and, of course, delicious.
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  15. After multiple listens - tracks 1 through 9 are solid! The flow is excellent. Each one of them is memorable, with plenty of hooks. Same goes for the last two tracks on the album.

    Beautiful & Damned, and I’d Die For You are just there. These two songs are low points on the album for me.
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  16. Madism Remix of "Gold" out tomorrow. It's nice to see they're continuing to push the single, and haven't just dropped support for the album after its release.

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  17. OK I’m officially digging this album. “Supernatural” NEEDS to be a single.
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  18. HMD


    Indeed. I read a review which dragged it (the author saying it sounds like a dated ‘Roar’)... but it’s my clear favourite so far. Loved it on first listen.
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  19. It sounds like “Roar?” What the hell?
  20. I'm enjoying this album immensely, she can never do wrong, can she?
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