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Paloma Faith - Infinite Things

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Butterfly, Jan 21, 2020.

  1. They're from the A Perfect Contradiction era apparently. So 2014.
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  2. I'm glad she's okay, I was genuinely worried for her after reading about her last birth.
  3. I’m loving the BBC doc ‘As I Am’. How can you not love this woman?!
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  4. She came across so, so well.

    Her manager was like something from a spoof documentary though!
  5. Was quite sad though when she was speaking about the possibility of not continuing with music.
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  6. I did completely agree with the producer about her style becoming more commercial since the debut. A shame really.
  7. I genuinely hope that she isn't serious about this. I'm still waiting for her to go back to the sound of her debut.

    I feel like this is a fact that no one can deny. Also a fact - her debut is a masterpiece!
  8. It did veer worryingly into "But I'm B-list at Capital" at times. And given that a lot of the documentary was about the perceived "flop" of The Architect in failing to go double platinum, I can only wonder what's going on behind the scenes given that the latest album hasn't even gone Silver.
  9. I think the first 2 albums were brilliant and after that I've sort of felt like the albums became more patchy. I didn't really vibe with the last record at all, albeit a few tracks here and there.
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  10. Just watched the documentary. Much better than I had expected, loved the through-line of stuff about her childhood and how that led to her becoming a singer.

    With all the comments, even during The Architect era, about her career being nearly over, I have to say I'm not expecting a new album soon after both Mistakes & Infinite Things bombed. Hopefully she'll find success in acting and can return to music with a passion for it.
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  11. I truly enjoy Infinite Things, but I do agree that she should take a break from music and return with renewed energies. And, as other people are saying, a throwback to her debut album vibes would not be a wrong move at all.
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  12. She'd be great in a movie musical. Imagine another Baz Lurhman / Moulin Rogue type movie with Paloma as a supporting character.
  13. I think parts of the documentry were probably a real eye opener for some people , she definitely knows who she is but seems like there isn't that balance of what she wants and what the label wants and I think it was good to show not everything is what it seems ,and like it's been said that they perceived the architect as a step down when it still shifted 4-450k and I think is her most consistent album ,and I'm shook she picked warrior over King's and Queens , showing the label obsession with features and her being truthful about not really wanting to so them, the label must be loosing there minds over infinite things , which apart from covid a crappy run of singles didn't help, but I have faith in paloma she's immensely talented
  14. I think that Infinite Things underperformed because they chose as singles the weakest tracks on the album. A singles run of Supernatural - Monster - Living with a Stranger would have been much better.
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  15. The singles run was definitely a choice. Better Than This as the lead single was a huge mistake considering Supernatural and Monster were right there. How they decided with that as the lead blows my mind.
  16. But do we know if they decided on those or Paloma did?
  17. I think Gold also had the sound to be a good single, but it's a matter of fact that these three songs you mention needed to be singles for the album. At least Monster and Supernatural. I wonder if the era would have done differently if it had a different singles rollout.
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  18. I always looked forward to seeing what Paloma's next album artwork was going to be and this latest album just wasn't it for me. I hated the concept and the font. I always think of Paloma as having such striking imagery and it makes up part of her whole 'package'. She's got that voice and also these brilliant images and striking videos and... this era felt like a real bargain bin version of all of that.
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  19. The better than this cover got me really excited with its David lynch/80s thriller vibe , then I heard the song and infinite things with no cover concept and welp
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