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Paloma Faith - Infinite Things

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Butterfly, Jan 21, 2020.

  1. Paloma's tour kicked off last night. No set list that I can find yet. I'm going on Monday, super excited! Hearing Supernatural live for the first time will be a moment.
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  2. First set list posted online & my thoughts:

    1. Gold
    2. Last Night on Earth
    3. Monster
    4. Picking Up the Pieces
    5. Crybaby
    6. Me Time (her?)
    7. Just Be
    8. Stone Cold Sober
    9. Black & Blue
    10. Freedom
    11. Upside Down
    12. New York
    13. Beautiful & Damned
    14. Play On
    15. Another Little Piece of My Heart
    16. Living With a Stranger
    17. Can't Rely on You
    18. Changing
    19. Only Love Can Hurt Like This
    Some great fan favourites in there (Play On, Freedom). Poor Architect era getting paid dust. And where is Supernatural!? I'm hoping that's an error on the setlist as she promised she was performing it on this tour.
  3. Supernatural was written about her friend/touring MD who recently passed away. Possibly it was a bit too emotional for her to perform just yet?
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  4. So Paloma was fantastic last night! I loved her humour and heckling the crowd for not buying her last album and not dancing until the last few songs dd. I was probably one of the youngest there but audience loved her. Her tribute to MD was beautiful and heartbreaking. The 'smokey piano bar' segment was beautiful and really showed off her range as a performer. The three backup singers were absolutely serving and giving it 110%.

    New York and Play On got cut, not sure if she's swapping songs around on each gig. No Supernatural either ':(' We got Lullaby instead dd.
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  5. Yanno this album wasn’t all that bad, it’s more of a case of some terrible single choices hampering things down. The Architect is still my favorite of hers as a whole body of work.
  6. 'Living With A Stranger' is one of the best songs she has ever released. It's a shame this album didn't do that great - though it was still top 5!
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  7. Only Love Can Hurt Like This seems to be taking off on TikTok again. It seemed to die down a little for a while, but I’ve seen so many covers the last few days.

    It really is a phenomenal song so it’s very fun to see so many people, particularly young Americans, discovering it for the first time.
  8. Only Love Can Hurt Like This is still chugging along on Spotify and seeing regular gains. Wish it’d be treated like a new single but I don’t know how realistic that is.

  9. There’s now a sped up version of Only Love Can Hurt Like This now available on Spotify. Why?

    Edit: it took me until now to realize, these nonsensical versions are all for TikTok…
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  10. Yeah, it’s to take advantage of the sped up version’s popularity on TikTok.
  11. She looked stunning at the Brighton Pride event! + “Supernatural” live was such a vibe, oh and her cover of "I'm Every Woman”? Soooo much fun.

    She's been sharing a few photos of her at the studio, I wonder if she's planning on releasing anything this fall.

    Personally, I'd like to hear a full 80's-inspired-album from Paloma since her songs sound like classics (“Til I'm Done, Crybaby, Supernatural, Beautiful & Damned”).
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