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Paloma Faith - The Architect

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Island, Jul 5, 2016.

  1. She's currently writing and recording for her fourth album which she (at the moment) has no idea when it's coming out!
  2. I love her and her music. She was such a delight when I saw her live last year.
  3. I still can't believe each of her albums has gone Double Platinum in the UK.
  4. I love how her update did not mention the word 'soon'. I'm sure the album will have some great songs when it does come out.
  5. I stanned hard for her during her first two albums but she completely lost me with that last one. We'll see what happens this time.
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  6. Same, I just couldn’t get into it at all. Bar the obvious song.
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  7. Just watched the film 'Youth' and I was surprised to see Paloma in it. She plays herself and it's a small part but she is sooooo good, she should act more, she's a natural.
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  8. Id love more actress Paloma.
  9. I'm so here for this.
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  10. It's called "The Architect", but she's now pregnant, so don't expect it to come out for... At least a year. Or maybe two.
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  11. She's pregnant? Queen.
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  12. Congratulations to her. I wasn't even aware she was in a relationship.
  13. Congrats Paloma and here's hoping the baby will push her back to a more quirky sound.
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  14. Aw, congratulations to her!
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  15. Paloma is so incredible that she probably impregnated herself. Auto sufficient mami!
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  16. That's really nice for her!
  17. Aww so happy for her.

    Queen of defying pregnancy limitations at any age.
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  18. Just got excited as Josep Vinaixa wrote the album would be out this year under a completely different title. How even!? Oh well, I never learn. Happy for her though, will try to wait patiently for The Architect.
  19. Paloma is literally everything a poster should be, and she's a damn hard worker. I'll order anything Queen is serving.

    Does anyone remember her youtube cooking videos?
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