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Paloma Faith - The Architect

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Island, Jul 5, 2016.

  1. Paloma for the new Bond theme please! Imagine.
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  2. 2/2 for me, then.
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  3. Paloma: it's over, i have the higher ground!
  4. Stunning song!
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  5. Another cracking tune!
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  6. Amazing! Wow! I’m perched for the album as of now!
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  7. Queen of delivering solid music.
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  8. Shame that it’s doing nothing on iTunes
  9. I think Paloma is destined to always be an album artist. Only Love Can Hurt Like This was her commercial peak.
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  10. Now having seen “Crybaby” as well, I get where she is coming from. She has clearly drawn inspiration from the dystopia of Margaret Atwood’s “The Handmaid’s Tale”, George Orwell’s “1984” & M. Night Shyamalin’s “The Village”.

    It’s never a bad thing in pop music when an artist has gone so far as to think of an overarching theme for an entire campaign & then proceeds to execute it (as Paloma clearly has here).

    I respect her clear vision & hard work. I hope she stays the course & sees it through to completion (unlike Lady Gaga).
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  11. Great song.
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  12. Have to agree with the consensus, that song is EPIC! Love it, a classic Bond song that never was.
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  13. Filming two videos in the one day, Queen of Budgeting!

    Have had this on repeat ALL day!
  14. Oh my god, this song is phenomenal.
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  15. The second single is another winner and it's shaping up to be a cracking album. She sounds so sassy and it's very honest lyrically, it bites hella hard. Definitely punching for a Bond Song, I would die if she got one!

    I love the visuals so far, as ever. The new film has some really stunning shots in it but I'm left a bit flat that it's the same film edited into two and the singles images are the same thing, just a different pose. I was blown away by the album cover and was really hoping for more of that and some kind of crazy dark world to delve into but now that the second video and single artwork is the same it's obviously not gonna happen.

    But I preordered the Vinyl as soon as I heard Cry Baby and for the amazing artwork alone and I can't wait for it.
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  16. True, but then again who knows what kind of world exists on the other side of those woods . .
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  17. I like the song a lot, great lyrics and she's really got that Bond sound down... but it feels like something you could find on the previous two albums? I was hoping for more of a darker sound, at least instrumentally speaking.
  18. It's good but I was expecting something in the same sonic vein as Crybaby. Needs more Starsmith.
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  19. I'm on board with this. I always end up loving her albums and her visuals are always a treat.
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  20. Wonderful song, and I love the continuation of the video.
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