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Paloma Faith - The Architect

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Island, Jul 5, 2016.

  1. That other song she teased sounds great. Warrior might be okay but god you can totally tell it’s Sia, it’s beyond tired now.
  2. Ella Henderson co-wrote Guilty?
  3. Yes.

    We knew that for a bit, though.
  4. Was just looking for clarification as I saw it on Wiki.
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  5. She did a concert for BBC Radio 2 this week, you can listen to it here and watch it here ! She performed :
    -The Architect
    -Stone Cold Sober
    -Lost & Lonely
    -I'll Be Gentle
    -Just Be
    -Picking Up The Pieces
    -Till I'm Done
    -Still Around
    -Only Love Can Hurt Like This
    -Love Me As I Am
  6. Haven't had chance to listen to the whole concert yet but The Architect is gorgeous! The John Legend collaboration sounds nice too.
  7. She is such a funny and entertaining person.
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  8. She looked brilliant, sounded even more brilliant and all of the new album sounds pretty brilliant.
  9. Just catching up now as I work, really great show! The new songs sounds brilliant.
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  11. I feel like her voice can be a hit or miss live. You almost hold your breath expecting something to come out really off-key/pitchy because it sounds like she doesn't have full control.
    Otherwise, the performance didn't particularly do it for me either, but I do think it's a great song.
  12. Her online store messed up for the signed deluxe CDs and got her to sign the standard ones instead so we get a signed standard and an unsigned deluxe, the email says "You will be receiving, not one, but TWO copies of my album for the same price. This is a special double CD package"

    A way to get double the sales or just the easiest way of correcting the mess up? I imagine the autographs are real as if they'd just used an intern they'd have just binned the signed standard booklets!
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  13. I just cancelled my Amazon order to do this, I hope I get the two. The deluxe listing is still up, so I better! ha
  14. Little Summarize: This sounds incredible from start to finish.
  15. Indeed.

    Thank god she didn't fuck it up with her recent political stances.
  16. It really does sound incredible - I'm perched for: Kings & Queens, Til I'm Done, & Tonight's Not The Only Night.
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  17. I want The Architect, Warrior and WW3 now.
  18. What political controversy did I miss?
  19. She's written about a political reason behind all of the tracks she's previewed so far, she said she wrote Guilty about Brexit (literally what?) and I thought she'd shoehorn in a lot of political stuff into her songs but she hasn't. She's just giving them poor political backstories.
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