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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by stuaw, Jun 27, 2011.

  1. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    I must see this. I miss Donna in Neighbours.
  2. Unfortunately the show is heading for cancellation already. It has maybe a week or two to pull things back.
  3. I wish this was more popualr than it is. Everyone I've spoken to lieks it so I'm surprised it's struggling with ratings. It's a very good show and deserves to do much better than it currently is.

    Colette's the best character - she was great in the Germany episode. Kelli Garner constantly catching flies with her mouth open is a bit distracting.
  4. Colette was bloody amazing in Berlin. The venom with which she sang the national anthem was fabulous.
  5. The latest episode was such good fun once again, this show really delivers every week. It's just so sumptuous to watch and really easy on the eye. The scenes in the Jakartan market were really good, they didn't look like they were filmed in a studio at all. Laura didn't have much to do this week but Margot Robbie is so pretty that it hardly matters.

    Sadly the ratings dipped again so it will probably only get to 13 episodes.
  6. There wasn't enough Colette for my liking. I found the spy stuff a bit dull too but I enjoyed the stuff with the pilots. I'm really surprised at how fast the show has fallen in the ratings, I don't think it's a very cheap show to make either. It was up against X Factor this week though so perhaps next week, it might rise to at least borderline acceptable levels.
  7. I can't comprehend its lack of success, it's very critically acclaimed but why aren't people watching!?

    Latest episode was great. Hopefully we can dial down the spy storyline soon. I like the Kate/Laura realtionship, Margot was fantastic in this episode.
  8. Apparently Mad Men (which I think is one of the reasons this show exits) gets really bad ratings but it's on cable and wins lots of award. Pan Am needs solid ratings being on network television.
  9. duckface

    duckface Guest

    I don't get the love for Colette. I liked her in the first two episodes but Berlin turned me right off. There's a different between being resentful and being outright rude to everyone with a German accent.

  10. I think it was a reasonable feeling to have... she said she wanted to get over her dislike for the Germans but couldn't because of the way a select handful had treated her and her loved ones. If you went to any country where the Nazis invaded and tore families apart you'd probably find a lot of people who would be reluctant to go to Germany any time soon just because of what the country was associated with.
  11. Due to it's inevitable cancellation I've started praying a cable network will pick it up, à la Southland.
  12. I hope we get the full 13 episodes at least.
  13. With Charlie's Angels and The Playboy Club being cancelled already, I'm praying they at least let it finish the full season.

    I am too in love with Mike Vogel and want to be Cristina Ricci too much to lose the show so soon.

    I can't tell if I think Bridget is good looking. The non-spy sister is truly stunning.
  14. The show is becoming very formulaic. It's the same storylines going round in circles. I'm already bored of the spy stuff, hopefully Laura's wedding storyline is done with now, Colette was my favourite in the first few episodes but she has been completely sidelined in the last two. Christina Ricci's character is nothing more than a plot device at the moment.

    I thought the show would be a bit more airline centric than it is, it's more 'location of the week with a spy mission and some holiday romances thrown in'. They need to sort themselves out but I'm expecting the ratings today to bring bad news so they might not get the opportunity to do so. It's a shame because the show has potential.
  15. I've actually found the last 2 episodes to not be as compelling. But in saying that, I'm not going to stop watching it because I still find it quite enjoyable.
  16. We do need more Colette but this episode definitely made me love Kate, she was great! I'm definitely not over it at all. Beautiful actors + beautiful locations = beautiful series.
  17. Anyone still watching? Christina Ricci was amazing in the last ep. Ted the co-pilot is so cute too, always coming to Laura's rescue.
  18. I'm still avidly watching this, and still think it's great.

    Nice to see a bit more of Maggie this week - gave her some much needed depth and Ricci is very talented. It seems Colette was sidelined for the third episode in a row though which is a shame as she has great potential.

    Kate's storyline is improving - nice to see Kovac from ER in this and glad that it's an ongoing arc as opposed to a one-episode storyline. Laura continues to be great with an endearing sense of naivity, Margot Robbie continues to be THE most attractive woman on TV.

    If anyone's interested it starts on BBC2 on 15th November I think!
  19. The show would be so serious and slow without Maggie. I'm glad they portray her as very independent and tough.
  20. I'm glad Christina Ricci was given something to do.

    I hate that Kate is fairly prominent in every episode and all the other girls seem to take it in turns to have their own stories.
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