Pan Am

After ten minutes of watching the pilot I thought 'wow, that's a lot of voiceover narration' until I realized that I had the BBC audio channel for blind people on. Oh well. Apart from that it was pretty good.
Only just watched the last episode that aired (in the US). What a great episode! It's such a shame it has come this late in the season. It was great to see Colette getting an actual storyline again and that they all played a part in the episode and Kate's wasn't even spy related for once! I like the rapport Kate's got going on with Richard now, they're surely going to get together (if the show lasts)? I feel sorry for the guy who plays Sanjeev though, his role is minor as it is without them shipping his character off on a 'holiday in Bombay'.


Yeah, Sanjeev's absence was odd. My only guess is that they wanted to create some more believable cockpit insubordination.
The network are lying, it's not in their interest for it to be public knowledge while they're still airing the show. The actress who plays Colette tweeted that they've been told it's not coming back. US networks never make formal cancellation announcements until after the show has ended.
flapjack- said:

Yes. You'd think E wouldn't post that and keep a lot of fans' hope alive when it has obviously been cancelled.

The cancellation won't be announced. If ABC announced it being cancelled now then the cast could go and look for pilots for next year. By not announcing anything, ABC could bring the show back if their pilots for 2012/2013 were all dire and they felt Pan Am would perform better. That's not happening though.
E! posted it to keep the network happy, pissing off their PRs means less exclusive content for them etc. The actors are free to join pilots, many actors on shows likely to be cancelled do, it just means if their existing show is picked up, they have to drop out of the pilot show since the network usually has them contracted for two years.

All ABC care about right now is not allowing the ratings to drop for the remaining episodes and losing more advertising money than they are. If people know the show is dead, they'll stop watching.

This show had serious potential but they got so caught up in the spy stuff and put their best characters on the back bench as a result. The last episode was so good.
Almost up to date with this again now.
I'm extremely miffed that amazing characters such as Collette have been barely present whilst Kate eats up every episode (not that I dislike her I just don't think her storyline warrants SO much airtime) although the scene at the airport with Niko was really sad, I just hope they cut down on the spy stuff and give the other characters a chance to have a storyline, about to watch episode 8 now.
There have been additional ordered episodes though, which they wouldn't do if they don't see the potential. Like a lot of series, they wait till the finale to finalize their decision, which they haven't done yet. The final word will make way in later in 2012 like the company said.
One additional episode, they had five more scripts but only chose to produce one, I think that says a lot. The chances of it coming back in September after nine months off air and less than mediocre ratings are almost zero. I don't think a cast member would tweet it was over if they thought there was a chance either. Networks always say there's a chance when they still have episodes to air. They did the same with V last year which had similar ratings to Pan Am and was probably just as expensive to make.
They're not. The season was extended by one episode to 14 overall. She was just correcting herself about how many episodes are left. She stated there would be just one after Christmas but since they've only aired eight episodes so far, there's more than that.
It honestly sounds like people are fighting for it not to cancel though, so I don't know why people are saying it is. It's likely that it will be cancelled when they make the final call, but for now they're clearly debating on what to do till then. It makes no sense to order 5 more episodes for the show then cancel it 20 days later.
We're going around in circles. They ordered five scripts, that's not the same as ordering five episodes. They chose to produce just one of those scripts despite the fact the show replacing Pan Am also only has 13 episodes ordered. If they had any confidence in Pan Am at all, they would have produced all five scripts meaning their next show doesn't have to take breaks because of its own short order. If they had any confidence in Pan Am, they would have just given them a full season and tried to pull the ratings up. This website also confirms Pan Am has next to no chance of being renewed: And they're hardly ever wrong.
I should have made myself more clear, there are clearly opposing views within as to ABC as they ordered the 5 scripts yet only chose to produce 1 of them thus far, leaving whether it'll be back on the air at a crossroad. Again, I'm not saying it's not going to be cancelled, but it looks like they have no idea what to do with it, or what they are going to do with it. If they wanted it cut so badly, they would have not ordered 5 scripts at the beginning of the month and then cancel it 25 days later on top of only 1 or 2 new episodes airing within the whole month.