Pan Am

I'm guessing they ordered the five scripts because Sony brought in a new showrunner, if the new showrunner came up with something absolutely brilliant that couldn't be left unproduced, more episodes would have been produced. Sony will have been desperate to keep it on the air so it probably wouldn't have even cost ABC. The ratings aren't completely dire so ordering more scripts would allow them to decide whether or not it was worth giving the show another go to turn things around. When they only chose to produce one, I think that was pretty much a no. Networks aren't really known to sit on the fence about these things.

playboy69 said:
I want to watch this but I just can't have anything to do with air hostesses in my life!!!!

Did you suffer some sort of air hostess related trauma?
I think it'd be a definite yes had they chose not to produce any. There's still some hope, though it does look dismal. If they wanted it off, they would have done the same thing they did to Charlie's Angels.
In each of the last 3 seasons, ABC have ended up renewing only one of their new dramas. This season they've already got two (Revenge and Once Upon A Time) doing much better than Pan Am, and four still to come in the new year.

The only reason they're keeping it around for the moment is to fill the timeslot until G.C.B. starts in March. There's no reason they would hang on to it any longer.
Last nights episode was fantastic, it's so good to have all the characters having equal airtime for once.
I'm really rooting for Laura and Ted to get together, it NEEDS to happen.
I loved the episode too. All the characters had something really good going on too, nothing felt like a filler storyline padding out the episode. Why couldn't episodes like this have come early on in the season?!

Rhombus said:
So this has been cancelled? Not going to bother watching past episode 1 then.

Yes, it's cancelled. The latest ratings are pretty abysmal but it was cancelled way before last night's were revealed anyway.
I think they clearly mean the sensible. But you can line up to be foamed by Una Scaper.

It's odd that Once Upon A Time dropped though.
I didn't expect THAT from Maggie. Although it does fit with her character.

It was a great episode but I hate how it was, again, solved by Kate having contacts.
The last episode was amazing! I would have liked Bridget and Laura to have been in more danger and for the interrogation to actually happen.

And Maggie?!?!