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Panic! At The Disco - Pray For The Wicked (Sixth Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Genesis, Mar 10, 2018.

  1. High Hopes is very addictive.
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  2. They're finally going to announce the UK / European dates of the tour.
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  3. That’s so weird, literally last night while watching BAEdon on the VMA’s I googled UK dates and ended up signing up to their newsletter in desperation.
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  4. I didn't get tickets to this in the end, they all sold out within a minute and are now available on resale sites for about double the price, which I'm not willing to pay. It's a big shame as he's great. The touting culture where they seem to skip the line and grab all the tickets is really starting to grate on me. More companies need to operate like Glastonbury and require a photo and ID to get into the venue.
  5. Can we all just talk about how amazing this album is?
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    Ok, but in all seriousness, Silver Lining, Hey Look Ma I Made It, High Hopes, Roaring 20s, and Dying in LA are all amazing. The album as a whole is just so... Panic! by the numbers. Can’t help but be disappointed after Death of a Bachelor became one of my favorite albums ever.
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  7. Really? I love the whole the thing. The songs you listed are highlights though. I mean I love Death Of A Bachelor as well, but I feel like this is a worthy successor.
  8. Much like Death Of A Bachelor, I loved this one for a few weeks and then got bored of the unsubtle use of samples and his tendency to oversing or even shout the melodies. I only use a few songs right now.
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  9. I was so ready to drag him and here I am getting my best Mum life. He's such a talent.
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  11. I’m happy for Brendon, even if I’m not a fan of High Hopes. Seems fitting he’s experiencing the biggest amount of success in years with his least inspired album.

  12. This song gives me feels. One of the best tracks of 2018.
  13. High Hopes is just Beyonce's Countdown for pop rock fans!
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  15. Seems some people are getting stuff in the post too.
  16. Haven't we suffered enough.
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  17. I like it, especially the production, but it's a lot vocally.
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