Paola & Chiara

Chiara has said that she has been through some dark times and she's coming out of it thanks to their family and her sister. I think she's suffering a lack of confidence in performances as during interviews she's more confident. Plus you have to remember that she's almost 50 and she hasn't performed for 10 years, unlike Paola.
They are getting pretty much love from everywhere here in Italy and I hope Chiara is feeling it all!

That makes sense, thanks for the info. Her vocals are on point and I've just seen on her socials that she's part of a super popular TV series, so good for her!

I am not familiar with their discography bar the hits and the 2010 album so I'm leaving this little gem here which I loved. One of their best songs imo, but sadly I don' think it did much.

They are really doing great promo for Furore, it has been years since we experience this level of promotion for a song! I'm glad for this and I'm happy that the song is doing fine on chart.

Hopefully this could lead to a full album?

For whoever is interested, in a couple of weeks Sony will release a vinyl version (pink) of their album Festival.
Mhm... I think Furore is going to be their single for Summer'23... If they are planning a Spanish version, it's because they want to make us dance all Summer long
Six different formats announced (signed CD and vinyl, too).
The cover is very, very bad.
I feel it a bit rushed, don't know why.
Did I mention the cover is very, very bad.
Full tracklist
  1. Festival feat. Elodie – prod. by ITACA
  2. Mare caos – prod. by ITACA
  3. HEY! feat. Jovanotti – prod by Max Kleinz/Cosmophonix
  4. Viva el amor feat. Ana Mena – prod by Fudasca
  5. Amici come prima feat. Max Pezzali – prod. by Giordano Colombo
  6. Furore – prod. by ITACA
  7. Fino alla fine feat. Emma – prod. by Andro
  8. Vamos a bailar with Gabry Ponte – prod. by Gabry Ponte
  9. Amoremidai feat. Levante – prod. by Dade
  10. Kamasutra feat. Cosmo – prod. by Cosmo
  11. A modo mio feat. Noemi – prod. by Giordano Colombo
So short.