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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by kill the DJ, Oct 7, 2010.

  1. Re: Parade - Light Me Up & New Album

    Did they really feel the need to announce their split, I mean there last single was released 18months ago. Do they think anyone cares?
  2. Re: Parade - Light Me Up & New Album

    They've already been headhunted by McDonald's.
  3. Re: Parade - Light Me Up & New Album

    Nope, you're getting them confused with Lauren and Emily.
  4. Re: Parade - Light Me Up & New Album

    Such a shame, with the right promo and management they could of been big. Louder and Perfume were such BOPS.

    R.I.P Parade ; 2011-2013
  5. Re: Parade - Light Me Up & New Album

    A shame really. Their album was very good.
  6. Re: Parade - Light Me Up & New Album

    Poor Parade - not even Popjustice seem to care enough to create a news story about them splitting.
  7. Re: Parade - Light Me Up & New Album

    I am so frustrated. And yes, I care about them.

    It's even more frustrating to see so much negative comments here. They were good, just not lucky. They were all great singers and better dancers than all the other girlbands in the UK (sorry, just face it).

    Their music was good and it was becoming even better with the new produces they were working. I still don't get why Bianca left and it will take a long time to accept that.

    I will always support them in their solo careers, specially Jessica Agombar, which I think is a true star. I think you should respect the fans in this forum (or maybe just me) instead of making negative comments.

    They were not shit. They were underrated. And nothing you say will change my mind.
  8. Re: Parade - Light Me Up & New Album

    What a shame. They'd probably never be big, but their album was simple, good pop. 'Perfume' remains absolutely flawless.
  9. Re: Parade - Light Me Up & New Album

    If you're looking for unrelenting positivity you seem to have us mistaken for the Parade Official Forum, if that is even a thing.
  10. Re: Parade - Light Me Up & New Album

    No but come on, there's been so incredibly bitchy (for popjustice forum standards) comments on here which i think are a little unnecessary.
  11. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    Re: Parade - Light Me Up & New Album

    I agree. There's being witty and then there's being a total bitch with nothing good in your life spitting venom for no reason. Some balance maybe?
  12. duckface

    duckface Guest

    Re: Parade - Light Me Up & New Album

    It must have been their perfume their perfume their perfume (nobody li-iked).
  13. Re: Parade - Light Me Up & New Album

    The next post in this thread should be; Here's the link to download.... Then they can go in the old pop thread.
  14. Re: Parade - Light Me Up & New Album

    Come on, you know they were all just waiting for the first one to quit so they could blame it on them. I'm happier that they have given up and realized they were never going anywhere, it's been quite sad to watch 5 young women waste their life away
  15. Re: Parade - Light Me Up & New Album

    I still don't understand why Bianca decided to left after more than a year being unsigned. They spent the last year writting and recording songs for the second album. They announced two gigs for this month, they already had a song (Young and Beautiful) as a buzz single for those gigs, the setlist was done... and then, she left. I mean, WTF? She is so selfish. I feel really sorry for the other 4 girls.
  16. duckface

    duckface Guest

    Re: Parade (RIP 2009 - 2013)

    Yeah, she's a real selfish cow for leaving an unsigned group with zero realistic prospects after a year of unemployment.

    I swear, some of you people have no grasp of reality.
  17. Re: Parade (RIP 2009 - 2013)

    Duh. That's not my point.

    I swear, some of you have no intelligence.
  18. Re: Parade (RIP 2009 - 2013)

    They had such an impact on the British music scene. R.I.P.
  19. Re: Parade (RIP 2009 - 2013)

    Bye Parade, thanks for that one good song!
  20. Re: Parade (RIP 2009 - 2013)

    Oh i'm quite upset about this. I liked them.
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