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StooShe aren't even on my radar, not heard anything about them but just checked out one of their songs and thought 'meh'. Little Mix, I loved on the show but don't like their debut single... I hope they prove me wrong with the next single. But out of the 3, when it comes to songs at least, Parade are my favourite.
Before they know it, it will be autumn and they don't stand a chance up against all The X Factor related acts and big releases, they really should have been aiming for an late spring, early summer release. They just needed to put a song out, the album could wait.

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Luvly to meet @Popjustice thanks for lending us ya ear ; )

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@Parade Lovely to meet you too, I'm glad you're good now. x


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Tomora will b a gud day *wink wink* RT @BiancaParade: Oo I love Wednesdays!!!! X

I think there will be something really interesting tomorrow

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Nice lil drink up in Brickers wiv @Popjustice I was on the water as per ; )

Lol! Nice to meet u too! Glad u like us now ;) x RT @Popjustice: @Parade Lovely to meet you too, I'm glad you're good now. x

“@Parade: Luvly to meet @Popjustice thanks for lending us ya ear ; )”- thanks for putting up with us and our volume! X

Wow. Loving this love between them. Popjustice HAVE to say something about their new material.
Really enjoyed a lot of their debut and they clearly have a great chemistry and blend as a group. Looking forward to hearing some of their new stuff.


While they're certainly better dancers than most UK girl groups (not that it's hard), it's becoming a bit "what's the point?" - I can't see them suddenly becoming popular if their brief appearance in the top ten didn't do it for them.
It wont be easy for them that's for sure. I know people say "there is space for everyone" but even in best years for girlbands we've had 2-3 on top, the others were flopping. For the end of this year and begining of next one we have 7 girlbands trying to succeed: Parade,Saturdays,Girls Aloud,Stooshe,Sugababes v1,Little Mix and WooWoos. Little Mix still have the X-factor magic all over them so they will get loads of attention,Saturdays will have their reality show,Girls aloud still have their fanbase and Cheryl so they'll be all over media aswell. Reunited Sugababes will get a lot of attention and Stooshe are getting more popular with every week. Parade and Woowoos are in worst situation. No wonder that Atomic Kitten's reunion plans just vanished, they surely know it would be pointless right now but i wont be surprised if they will comeback next summer or autumn.
Their debut was one of the best from 2011, can't wait for their next one! 'Shoes' still remains one of the best songs I've ever heard.
Well I didn't expect that! Sounds like a banger, a little bit generic but at least they're going down a pure dance route, since they're incredible dancers. Looking forward to final/full version.
Pleasantly surprised..

I liked Louder lots, still listen to it too but didn't have much interest in the album... but this sounds amazing, might even get play listed on major radio? or is that too much wishful thinking?