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Paradiso Girls - W.O.W

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by kill the DJ, May 2, 2008.

  1. It's quite good, but I'm not sensing that special 'wow' factor that I did the first time I heard 'Don't Cha'. Be interesting to see how much of a push they'll get with PCD coming back later this year and Girlicious launching....
  2. The name puts me off. Anyone ever watched Guest House Paradiso? I can just imagine them performing cabaret-style in the sitting room. Hehe!
  3. Is it just me who hears Natasha Bedingfield?
  4. Agreed to the power of 1000. What were they thinking? It sounds like a skanky lap-dancing club.

    The song is OK, but definitely not a 'WE'RE HERE' attention-grabber like Don't Cha was.
  5. tommie

    tommie Guest

    How many mediocre stripper bands does Robin Antin think the world needs?
  6. Is it even them? I can't hear any of their voices in it to be honest!

    And if it is them then no way is it good enough for a debut single, I agree with the poster above, the other youtube song, I think it's called "Who's My Bitch?" is much better...that is actually quite amazing. This one is definately don't make me wanna go "Wow".
  7. Charley

    Charley Staff Member

    "W.O.W." is now being used for Coca-Cola Zero ads!

    Whatever happened to this project?
  8. Hot_Mess29

    Hot_Mess29 Guest

    I have a theory that it just wasn't backed by a label, nobody was willing to spend money on girls that were destined to flop.
  9. No they're coming - the video is due to be shot in the next few weeks for the single which is still being decided between Who's My Bitch and DJ (you can hear clips of both on Youtube). I think Who's My Bitch is the obvious choice in my opinion.
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