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Paramore - After Laughter + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Slice of Life, Sep 27, 2016.

  1. The pre-chorus is such a delight.
  2. AXW


    If you can unearth Renegade, that's a doozy.

    Just watched the Told You So video.
    They are just getting it this era aren't they? Things seem so unexpected and unforced.

    I can't believe I got a new HAIM bop and Paramore bop within a day. What kind of god is smiling upon me.
  3. "Proof" was in my view the best song from the last album that wasn't a single.
  4. I love the "WhoooOOOOOA"'s and "WHOOOOooooa"'s after each line.
  5. Renegade was so good, but I was still hoping for the tour version to be released... that acapella intro is just everything.
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  6. I absolutely love Hard Times. Like a lot of others, I was a bit unsure on first listen but it was stuck in my head and then after that it was a done deal, I just keep going back to it.

    Told You So is absolutely amazing, as is its video. I think I prefer it actually. They've caught the summery vibe exactly! I've seen Friendly Fires thrown about in here but it feels very Two Door Cinema Club's Tourist History era to these ears.

    What a way to launch an album! Cant wait for it now!
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  7. I honestly can't get over Told You So, such a bop, the building chorus gets better each time. I'm ready for this album.
    By the way, totally agree that Renegade is a tune, I'm still hooked several years later.
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  8. Driving home with the windows down with Told You So blasting is an moment everyone should experience.
  9. It's exciting that I can tell that as good as these two songs are now, they'll sound 10x as good in the context of the album.
  10. Haven't listened to the latest one yet, saved and added to my playlist though so perched
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  11. These new tracks sound really good.
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  12. Took Hard Times with a pinch of salt it was amazing but didn't let it get me hyped for the album but after Told You So was just as brilliant I am now 100% excited for this. I can't believe how fresh Paramore sound in 2017. It's like Hayley Williams was all of us in High School but then she grew up to be all of us now. When does that happen with emo bands you liked in your awkward high school years? Incredible progression.
  13. I've only heard Told You So a couple of times (and Hard Times a bunch), but it was enough to know that this album is going to be completely life-saving.
  14. I can't believe this is out in just five days. The last singles made me remember how self-titled blew my mind and how glad I am they're still together.
    I'm ready.
  15. Also in awe / can't sleep knowing this comes out Friday / it'll leak by Thursday.
  16. Told You So is probably the catchiest song I've heard in ages. It's so addictive I just had it on a constant loop at work. 2/2 so far. This album is going to be incredible.
  17. I'm honestly surprised it hasn't by now
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  18. SMG


    It's 2017, albums rarely leak anymore.
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  19. Stores already have their copies and this is just not true
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