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Paramore - "The News" (OUT NOW) + This Is Why (Feb 10)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, Jan 11, 2022.

  1. Slice of Life

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    Just caught up and uh, February 10? Seriously? Ugh, I guess I can’t die yet.
  2. "It feels like it's been a thousand lifetimes" well indeed! Lovely message from Hayley.

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  3. Their store has been updated with a new layout and logo, so I imagine we are getting an album pre-order today too!
  4. Yes, the screenshot from yesterday that leaked the date had a preorder link inside.

    preorder is up on their website, a lot of bundles.
  5. I'm not seeing these pre-orders dddd.
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  6. I‘m having them - I‘m directed to the UK store.

    The album cover is the one we saw already.
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  7. The chorus is infectious
  8. What?!?! Not seeing it yet.
  9. It’s live on Radio 1 right now

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  11. Oh my god their livestream has no sound and I am cackling watching the chat have a meltdown.
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  12. The livestream has no sound... and the chat is going mental. Seems like the livestream is pre-recorded??
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  13. "This is why I don't leave the house" - relatable. It has some of the rhythmic sensibilities of the After Laughter songs but definitely more rock leaning. They've left some interesting atmosphere, perhaps Hayley taking cues from her solo efforts. The bridge is especially remarkable on this. It's so nice to hear Hayley unrestrained again!

    Their website updated with a new timeline -

    • 10.2 - leave the house
    • 11.3 - tonight
    Apple Music lists 10 tracks on the album
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  14. Hmmm. Thoughts on the song are I don't hate it, but I don't love it either.
    Hayley looks great in the video though.
    Crazy how different Taylor looks when his hair is longer.
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  15. Not entirely sold on the new song yet, but I think it’s going to be a grower. It’s a nice mixture of their old sound, their more pop leaning instincts on the last two albums and the more restrained, analogue sound of Hayley’s solo stuff.
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  16. Hi yes I'm obsessed with this. On my fourth listen already.
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  17. Definitely a grower. First listen made me think the chorus was too simplistic but on my 4th, I am obsessed with how the bridge builds into the choruses and she changes up the melody. It sounds great as an opening track / first taste, and this .... long rollout suggests they have some tricks up their sleeves.
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  18. LOVE the new single, and I wasn't even that hype for their return, so I'm thrilled. Funky and paranoid - slight Talking Heads vibes, seems like a darker, rockier twist on After Laughter's pivot in direction. And could that chorus be any more relatable? Count me in.
  19. It’s giving Foals.

    I’m not totally convinced by the song but I’m glad to see them head in that guitar noodle direction than a return to angsty emo pop punk, cautiously perched to hear more.
  20. I really love it. The verses and production is serving Radiohead and the chorus jolts into that sort of bratty Talking Heads/B52s chant. A great little reintroduction track.
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