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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Ordon, Aug 14, 2009.

  1. I find Paris so...... likeable. She could be a complete bitch but just seems like she's so nice.
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  2. But the segments with Kathy were by some distance the most revealing parts of the entire documentary?

    The narrative presented by Paris and the director is that this school, as well as being incredibly traumatic, kind of stunted her growth and set her on this path to playing a character, becoming a mogul, working toward making a billion dollars but having very few genuine friendships and being unable to really enjoy any of it.

    That might be the case, but reading between the lines I felt that the core of the issue is in the way Paris was parented and what kind of mother Kathy was. She seems like she was quite absent (she mentions at one point just staying in bed some mornings, not being able to face the school run etc) and Paris sought validation elsewhere. It also seems like Kathy was extremely image-obsessed and concerned about the family reputation (no doubt as a result of wanting to prove herself to her own father), and prioritised that over Paris' wellbeing. The fact that they never even had a conversation about what happened at the school speaks volumes about what kind of relationship they had/have.

    I'm not saying Kathy is a bad person by the way. I thought her VTs were entirely genuine and it was literally like watching somebody realise she might have been a bad mom in real time. Quite uncomfortable, but at least they gave us a pay-off at the end when Paris told her about the abuses.

    My other main takeaway was just that Paris is extremely likeable, sincere and deserving of love, so I hope she stops travelling and working all the time and lets herself have a life with some decent relationships in it.

    And finally, I played Nothing In This World on my run this morning and got. my. life.
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  3. Im pretty sure she said this specifically in reference to the fall out from the sex tape. The school runs would have been with Paris’ younger brothers who were bizarrely absent from the entire affair. Like not even in a family photo.
  4. Island

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    Kathy seemed to make it clear that she wanted to marry rich and have money and high status but was surprised when her husband actually didn’t inherit a lot because he was not of the oldest 5 children, so they “worked” to actually become her desired outcome. And then Paris was able to do that all on her own ddd.
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  5. I'm proud of her for speaking up about this. Her saying "none of this really matters" towards the very end was almost disturbing. I really admire her for letting this documentary shed light on the sides of herself she clearly isn't fully comfortable with come forward, not since For The Record have I watched a celebrity documentary that is so raw and honest, and honestly somewhat uncomfortable. Looking at her Instagram it's clear she isn't ready to "divorce her brand" yet, but I think her opening up this much is just the beginning. All in all, she comes across as a very likeable yet somewhat sad person working through thier own issues. I'm rooting for her.
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  6. I finally got round to watching this. Admittedly, when we first heard about this I was reluctant and sceptical because it seemed to be lining itself up as another moment where we're all supposed to be completely surprised that the Paris Hilton "act" is just that - an act, and how many times have we been through that by now? But, it ended up being truly insightful and inspiring. I'm glad Paris is at a point where she was able to disclose what happened to her family, and share her experience with the world. I hope her and the other survivors featured in the film can feel the support as sometimes all you need to feel is that there are people in your corner saying "I believe you".
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  7. Her discussing the sex tape was upsetting too. I'd forgotten how young she was when that was made. She was 18/19, and he was 35.
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  8. tea


    Yeah, this went much deeper than I was expecting. There's something more powerful about a documentary highlighting traumas someone is still going through and very clearly being affected by, versus a tell-all after it's been dealt with.
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  9. I liked her singles over the past few years (all except I Need You and Best Friend's Ass anyway), so definitely look forward this. I don't suppose it's any indication that she'll start releasing regularly though as much as I hope she does something with "Summer Reign" that was teased eventually.
  10. I'm sure it will be just another one-off and then in 4 years time we might get a follow up.
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  11. "Best Friend's Ass" was such a bizarre moment. It's not even her voice on it, right? It seemed like some kind of viral marketing thing.

  12. It's cute enough. Bit of an electro mid-tempo.

    I hate to be too critical since it benefits her Breaking Code Silence campaign, but the vocals seem to be very quiet in the mix and despite all the editing on them they do sound quite poor - not that you expect vocal excellence from Paris, but previously she has rarely sounded bad and whoever has produced her vocals in the past has done a great job with whatever they have to work with.
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  13. The irony of building half the documentary on her using finally her real voice and then releasing this dumpsterfire. She sounds like a cartoon character. This really is her worst vocal take ever. And the song... exists.
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  14. It doesn't even sound like her. The song is... okay.
  15. BuT iT's HeR brAnD
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