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Paris Hilton New Album

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Ordon, Aug 14, 2009.

  1. MM


    Yes, they are. I don't know how closely you normally follow your 'faves', but since you seem to be new here I think I should warn you it won't take long until you get used to labels sabotaging free exposure just for the sake of having everything under their control. That's one of the major reasons they are going down, I think.
  2. This fucking song.

    It's amazing how she just manages to do everything better than her contemporaries. Like why does someone like Katy Perry exist when Paris is making music? It's ridiculous.
  3. bit random. but how amazing is nothing in this world. such a good popsong.
    and about drunk text, i don't know what to think.
  4. She's actually fucking brilliant, she's my new favorite pop star. Paris is going to take 2012.
  5. Oh my god.

    Oh my GOD.
  6. MM


    Now I remember what this reminds me of: Fight Club.
  7. NO NO NO NO NO. [/keisha]

    I did not need Paris's version to become a 'version'. Oh well. Paris is clearly superior. But I wonder how Lea Luna feels.
  8. My mouth kept pouring desperate clauses of random intent.
  9. Resi12

    Resi12 Guest

    Bahahahahahahahahahaha, amazing.
  10. This is genuinely incredible in every way.
  11. Drunk Text reminds me of the early 90s i.e. Erotica. I love it.

    Your faves could never! And money talks!! etc

    Imagine if this was Madonna self-referencing comeback single, it would have been huge despite having no melody.
  12. Rmx


    I'm absolutely loving this. It reminds me of some of the less mainstream clubs I've been to, where they actually play this kind of music. Feels underground, and proper clubby! I love it!
  13. I don't really like the front page piece about this song. Mr. PJ just clearly isn't here for Hipster Paris.
  14. 3Xs


    Forget that. Drunk Text works on ALL levels.
  15. This is so good, and Paris' version is much better than Lea Luna's. It's all in the delivery!
    Manufactured Superstars said on Twitter that Paris' version is from July of last year and is not being released.
  16. Just saw, dammit, that means we're never going to get an official/hq version..not even going to be on her album.
  17. This is INCREDIBLE. I love the anti-climax of the vodka shot line.
  18. this is amazing. i only heard it once, but i love how it's almsot an ode to 'bitch' tracks lol YASS MA'AM HUNTY!!


    Never gonna get released. UGH! I don't understand labels sometimes. And they're blocking every song upload GRRRR!!! Don't they know people wanna hear this. just get the legalities done and post and get that money...but now. they wanna control EVERYTHING! *runs to find download
  19. MM


    Just give him a few years.
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