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Paris Hilton New Album

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Ordon, Aug 14, 2009.

  1. I love everything about Drunk Text.
  2. Does Paris have an ear? Or is she incredibly lucky? This track is actually listenable. Its great!
  3. MM


    I honestly believe she does. Hipster Paris jokes aside, she really seems to have anticipated a few producers and trends with her solo album; even more so if you take the leaked songs into consideration.
  4. J_c


    I actually love this song. It's not what I was expecting at all. All jokes aside here posters, it's surprisingly enjoyable and I'm not afraid to say it's good, in it's weird way.
  5. They pulled the track down, so I never got a chance for a crappy rip since it's never getting a commercial rel;ease. Bummer.
  6. I thought a decent rip was floating round, I wouldn't know though.

    Are we getting the album for sure this year?
  7. 3Xs


    I have a 320 rip, not sure how legit it is though.
  8. Amazing track! Is Paris putting out an album this year?

    Since Madonna has officially bitten the bullet, bring on Paris!
  9. She is! First single out in a few months apparently.
  10. MM


    Well, that's what she says, but I have to warn you this woman outdoes Sophie Ellis-Bextor when it comes to album delays.
  11. Resi12

    Resi12 Guest

    OH MY GOD. She's really trying for this, I'm honestly surprised/very happy!
  12. TeenIdle

    TeenIdle Guest

    Are we sure it's Paris? It was originally claimed as Natalia Kills, and then she said it was just some guide vocalist on the song. Edit - Oh, it's not actually her yet on the track.
  13. Resi12

    Resi12 Guest

    Well the information on the song says:

    "On being asked by the press @i♥dnb♥dnb Love This City Music Festival about track buzz,Guetta denies Natalia Kills rumors and admits he actually gave the song to Paris Hilton and Flo Rida.Track is set to be featured on their upcoming musical project."

    So take what you will from that.
  14. It's meant to sample Don't Stop Believing right? Still, quite a good track! Hopefully it'll be on the album.
  15. Sounds awful. Innovative artists like Paris Hilton should be above recording such trash.
  17. Loveplus31

    Loveplus31 Guest

    It sounds good (i.e like it actually has a chance at becoming a genuine hit) but the vocals that are meant for Paris sound too nasally, I wonder how she'll sound on it.
  18. Ooooh I hope her new album sounds like this! She needs to go hard core with this- do promo, make videos, etc. She's pretty irrelevant now, so she's going to have to work damn hard to get interest in this. I was not into her doing Kylie esque dance music, but stuff like this is good.

    I've been playing her first album all week. So good.
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