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Paris Hilton

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Ordon, Aug 14, 2009.


    I legit gasped.

    That dog was so iconic in so my ways.
    The true original chihuahua of the world.
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  2. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    Tinkerbell started the small dog craze.

    I'm so sad!
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  3. Gutted about Tinkerbell, how awful.
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  4. BML


    That dog was more iconic than most of the acts people stan for on here.
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  5. Omg, Tinkerbell.
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  6. So sad about Tinkerbell. I did wonder if she was still alive or not mind.

    That clip looks awesome I am so perched for this!!
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  7. Obviously RIP Tinkerbell, but probably a 75% chance the loss of this reality star will mean a delay of 6 to 18 months for #HighOffMyLove
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  8. She can't be dead. She just can't be.
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  9. Oh my God, how absolutely awful. Poor Paris. RIP Tinky!
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  10. I'm still devastated that 'Good Time' wasn't a mild hit. It's amazing, in a 2010-LOLPOP way. If it had been sung by someone other than Paris, I feel like it may have made more of a dent.
  11. I think this will be the last single. Stupid cause I want to hear the album. She can just chuck it on iTunes and at least make SOME money from it.
  12. Almost six years on and this thread is still going. Has a penny ever taken this long to hit ground level?
  13. High Off My Love genuinely sounds great so far, kinda funny in comparison to what most other pop acts have released in 2015 so far.
  14. Hey, after six years Veronicas fans finally got a new album...minus some of the tracks we'd been stanning for. Sometimes you do get what you wish for. Sometimes though it's just a dead project that we'll never see.
  15. 'High Off My Love' leaked in full:


    It's ok on first listen, the production is a bit messy and the rap is awful.
    I love the 'Do you wanna get High off my Love' parts though, it's catchy.
  16. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    Its no 'Good Time' but I'll take it.
  17. All of this hype for THAT?
  18. BML


    This is so Myspace 2007. Like, I was immediately reminded of The Medic Droid and Watchout! There's Ghosts. It is most certainly no 'Good Time'. At least that was light-hearted. This is just dreary.

    Speaking of The Medic Droid, 'Fer Sure' would be the perfect song for Paris to cover. She would sound perfect on the "jkjkjk lololol" middle 8.
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