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Paris Hilton

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Ordon, Aug 14, 2009.

  1. The chorus is amazing, the verses are weak. The rap is dirge. It's a shame that the instagram clips pretty much showcase the best parts of the song. It could've been a great song.
  2. "The night is young. It's time to kill it" is a bizarre thing to say. And though the general thinking is the same, it is somehow an entirely different matter to ask if "you want to get high" as compared to, for instance, Ke$ha proclaiming that a love is her drug. Very sinister. The B movie horror film backing track cancels out the effect, of course.
  3. [video=youtube;rGnKkgzVpCE][/video]
  4. I love Paris! She looks fierce as always!

    For a struggling artist, this video was filmed very well minus the Instagram shots. Something that I cannot say to the latest video of Madonna and Britney.
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  5. This is good but 'Good Time' is still my favourite.
  6. I actually like the song! Like 'Good Time' though, it could do without the rapping... These "guest spots" have damaged the songs.
  7. I wouldn't exactly call Paris a "struggling artist." Her material hasn't been doing very well, but as wealthy as she is, she could self-finance tons of albums.

    Anyway, as expected, I love the video. She is just so unbelievably gorgeous. And the song is great, too. My favorite is still 'Come Alive', though- what a fantastic track/video.
  8. I really like this song.
  9. Not a huge fan of the song myself, but the video is great.
  10. The video is good, the black and white parts stick out as the strongest thing about it.
  11. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    I lurve the video. She's beautiful.
  12. Song is hilariously terrible per usual, but time is good to her. She still looks awesome.
  13. I've not checked in with this thread for years - don't suppose we are any closer to an actual release date for the album? I'd buy it in a heartbeat!
  14. Queen of pop in my opinion
  15. And people say Nicole Richie carried the show!

    Her fingernails are surprisingly dirty.

    Top five DJ Paris Hilton has her headphones on backwards.
  16. Continuing to be a trendsetter in the DJ and EDM world. Queen.
  17. Paris Hilton, she really is of the people.

  18. I'm completely obsessed with Stars are Blind this morning. No idea why all of a sudden, but what a perfect summer song!
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  19. Something about the sublime vapidness to her voice I reminds me of Tiffany from "Daria"
  20. The 'Paris' album is still a bop.

    It actually sounds quite relevant in today's music climate too.
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