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Paris Hilton's British Best Friend.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by poploz, Jan 29, 2009.

  1. Is 'Emma from Northampton' Emma Beard from Popstars The Rivals?!

    Emma (Paris' BBF)

    Emma (PSTR)

  2. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    Oh I think she (well, her "people") added me on MySpace.
  3. Charley

    Charley Staff Member

    Me too!

    I want to watch this show... I loved the original. (From a production point of view.. hum...)

    I don't know if this is against forum rules, but if anyone knows where I can watch this online please do let me know! (That and the new 'Skins')
  4. Well skins is on 4oD isnt it? I shall pm you a good place to start a search for this however,
  5. It would be rather sweet if she won
  6. The guy in it is quite cute.
  7. Hot_Mess29

    Hot_Mess29 Guest

    I loved it on GMTV when they asked her why she did this and she was like 'Oh err..because it did well in america...and errr its fun to do.' She was obviously just bored and wanted to improve her profile in the UK.

    Oh how I would love to be Paris.
  8. I still detest Parisite. I have tried to like her, really I have, but everytime she's on TV I see a stuck-up, stupid bitch with more money than sense and virtually no talent or redeemable qualities whatsoever.

    Nicole Richie grew up, why can't Hilton?

    And this new show is a new low (oooh, rhyme!) for 'reality' TV.
  10. I know! Amazing. She's diagonal.

    I liked the fact that Emma asked Paris Hilton if she's ever been to Alton Towers and told her if she's ever goes to Essex ("What is that?") she can stay in the spare room.
  11. Her fifteen minutes are over aren't they? Does anyone really care about that Hiltonaire now?

    There is something deeply sad about people that are desperate to be her Best Friend though. Emma Beard should know better.
  12. Some say 'sad', I say 'vile'.

  13. God, I thought she was such a twat for saying that! Can you imagine Paris staying in some scabby flat?! Haha.

    This programme is amazing (although not as good as the American one). I love Paris (although when I said that to my boyfriend on the phone he threatened to break up with me, sadtimes).

    The mansion for her dogs is the best thing in the world.
  14. Kerry_Rance

    Kerry_Rance Guest

    Omg! I nearly auditioned for this, but I didn't in the end. It reminds me of America's Next Top Model, but what's fantastic is that the girls have to have more than beauty - they have to have personality and brains to match.

    Emma Beard is totally rocking it for the glam gals out there - she looks amazing and obviously has the talent to match. Paris would have to be really dumb to let her go. Maybe a duet is in the offing?

    And that gay guy is so adorable, not to mention good looking. You've a faghag here if you want one hunnybun!

  15. Yes, brains and personality, that exactly what you need to be Paris Hilton's best friend.

    I just about got through it, actually I was on the white wine so I was rather getting into it towards the end.

    It was just the most ridiculous, redundant piece of car-crash telly ever. I can imagine ITV2 would jump at the chance to commission anything Paris fronted, so I suppose the fact that format doesn't make sense and the prize is totally trivial and intangible is superferlous.

    Here's the thing, being Paris' British Best Friend, as a prize, may be aspirational for the brain dead, but it's totally unquantifiable. How much time do you spend with Paris? do you get to watch her undress or borrow her handbag? What's to say she'll stay in touch - what kind of perks can a best friend expect? These are all questions the average viewer will be asking.

    Then there's the small issue of the US series - not to mention virtually identical series Jade's PA, Pete's PA, Kimberley Stewart's Housemate etc etc. These kind of reality shows where the 'prize' is something never quite defined never conclude with the person 'winning' actually becoming that person's best friend/housemate/PA.

    This wouldn't be such a massive deal, as long as the audience weren't aware, but surely the target audience is your typical Heat Reading Celeb-Nerd that would know if Paris had a new best friend she was constantly being snapped with at premieres and parties. And she hasn't. On either side of the Atlantic.

    The 'judging' was totally abitary. "It's between one person I haven't spoken to once, and another person i've never spoken to once". She may as well have farted in their general direction, sniffed their faces and whoever smelled the most like Socialite poo-gas stayed for another week. Why did she ask the safe contestants what they thought, and only some of them? They have no say, so why bother.

    The best bit about the show was the first quarter, getting to see Paris's hideously fabulous home in LA. The rooms and rooms full of clothes. The Doggie Mansion. Charlie and Martin Sheen (!?). It makes me wonder why they didn't just do a 'Katie and Peter' style straight-up reality doc. It would actually make a more interesting show.

    Another hilarious observation. Did anyone else notice how all the female contestants were (or either looked like they were) on the wrong side of 25 and were all pretty fucking ropey! Surely part of ITV2's remit is to bring that glamour and sex to our screens - some of these girls were far better suited to Animal Planet. And that's post make-over. The hidden message in this? You definitely can't be Paris's British Best Friend if you're a) younger than her or b) better looking than her - and for a 27 year old with a lazy eye, surely that is bumping off much of ITV2's potential audience...
  16. Kerry_Rance

    Kerry_Rance Guest

    And can I just say something in Paris's defence. The only reason her walk is a bit funny in the elimination room is because of all the years she's spent on the catwalk. I detect a bit of jealousy here from you peeps! Can't wait for tomorrow's episode. I bet Emma Beard has something special in store.

  17. dUb


    Kerry Rance is a joke yeah?

    RhythmNative, you are a great poster.

    And Paris Hilton is a scrag.
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