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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Coolrockgirl, Oct 31, 2020.

  1. It's much better than I was expecting - I actually like her voice a lot. The song reminds me of your standard mid-2000s pop/rock, & the lyrics are slightly choppy in parts, but overall I liked it! Surprised to read her album is out in 3 weeks.
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  2. I had no idea she was recording music, until I happened to see it on my Facebook feed. I like it a lot. It’s refreshing she went in this direction instead of a R&B or dance direction.
  3. Brief interview.

  4. I liked the video and I could sort of see where I wanted the song to go but it didn't quite go there. She should call Kara DioGuardi and John Shanks.
  5. I’ve been waiting for proper material ever since she mentioned having a band in Rolling Stone a few years back, but then modeling seemed to take priority
  6. She did a performance and Q&A last night as well. I'm shook at how fast this is all coming about

  7. Song and video are really good! I'm really surprised there hasn't been a big push, this has hit potential beyond the initial curiosity listens
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  8. Her personality is really cool! I like her a lot.
  9. It’s lovely, she’s so beautiful.
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  10. This will go straight to my Autumn playlist. Great video, too.
  11. She’s a really promising writer. Geronimo from the Soundflowers EP that she released this year is absolutely beautiful.

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  12. I have a soft spot in my heart for Paris - a very good effort.
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  13. Oh I like this a lot! Beautiful chorus.
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  14. I love this. Seeing that Andy Hull from Manchester Orchestra produced it took me by surprise.
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  15. Wow, her tone is beautiful. I was not expecting this, but Paris is showing some major potential.
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  17. I could see myself stanning if the album is as good as the single. I'm a little obsessed over it.
  18. The album is out

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  19. I forgot this was coming so soon
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