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Part 2's 60s Preview Is Here - The 60s-00s Girl Band Debut Breakthrough Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by berserkboi, Feb 12, 2018.

  1. I know @DJHazey covered Solid Harmonie and Mini Viva in his girl groups rate. I can’t remember if Cleopatra made it, though.
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  2. Let them have their time in the sun, the others have had a chance ;)

    This is PopJustice after all :)
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  3. What is defined as a "troll vote"?
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  4. Bardot included but not Toto Coelo? That was a choice.
  5. I'd say something with really low scores for one era alone?
  6. If I participate, that might happen to me with the 00s.
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  7. What is Toto Coelo and how big were they?

    Would you and @Mvnl be interested in doing a little write-up as we get going for the girl bands you would have included? Happy to give you the floor once the reveals start at certain points?
  8. Would they be obscenely different from the other era without any exception though? The Sugababes and Dixie Chicks are on the 00s list for your more subversive sounds...
  9. OH MY GOD!!!!!!
  10. The ’00s will have its stans. It’s the ’70s I expect to really suffer in this rate...
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  11. Once I finish the Steps rate, this will be next on my radar.
  12. No tag despite me being one of the biggest girl group stans? How dare you. Excited for this though and slightly scared. Will definitely vote though.
  13. Sorry my love, I forgot!

    Here it is with someone else I also criminally forgot to tag to stan the R&B tracks!

  14. So freakin excited to do this one!

  15. Can you include the debut single Flatline from this girlgroup called MKS?
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  16. This will be fun, I've never even heard of about a third of these! Looking forward to some great discoveries!
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  17. I love an obvious winner but that was released post 2009, unfortunately :(
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  18. I'm actually really stumped. There are about 3 Spice Girls songs that would be a shoe-in for my 11, literally 5 that would be for Atomic Kitten, maybe 10 for Sugababes and Girls Aloud...

    But out of everything here, I genuinely have no idea what to give it to because none of these songs are my favorite from the respective girl group (with the exception of maybe The Veronicas/t.A.T.u)
  19. I know what you mean! Most obviously for me this applies to All Saints, TLC and Atomic Kitten

    I will do a bit about 'other notable' songs by act as they get eliminated. Also, maybe a follow up on 'signature songs' (imagine the mess) is in order?

    EDIT - Apostrophes in the wrong area are WRONG!
  20. Wow, looking over that list again, I think I don't know any of the 70s songs. I haven't even heard of most of those bands.
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