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Part 2's 60s Preview Is Here - The 60s-00s Girl Band Debut Breakthrough Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by berserkboi, Feb 12, 2018.

  1. I certainly won't make anybody cry!

  2. I'm sure the more generous of us will balance the less generous.

    ...unless your faves happen to be The Cover Girls, Shakespears Sister or B*witched. It's bad news all around there.
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  3. Don't forget Honeyz
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  4. B*Witched are nothing but pure joy. What even.
  5. I actually gave that a 6!
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  6. So what happens when Filippa throws an Empty Shoebox out?

    Can that go wrong?


    The Cover Girls – We Can’t Go Wrong

    Average Score: 5.515
    Highest Score: 9 x 3 (@dancingwithmyself, @Sprockrooster, @unnameable)
    Lowest Score: 0 x 2 (@Filippa, @Empty Shoebox)​

    Here we have another number that most were very ambivalent towards, so much so it did not even garner any 10s! We Can’t Go Wrong was actually in last place for much of the voting period until it started to gain some traction as more and more middling scores were given to Just Kickin’ It!

    I have to say between the two losses, this would have been my pick to go first as We Can’t Go Wrong fails to leave much of an impression while it is even playing in the background as I am writing this. It starts off pleasantly enough but it all gets a bit dreary as the tune and instrumental never takes off, and the only sort of progression it gets throughout is layering of vocals from the secondary members as opposed to any proper instrumental kick.

    The Cover Girls were a bit of a ‘mass produced’ band/ or 'chasing the trends' band formed to ride on the success of the Latin-influenced dance music that was popular at the time – however it was this record that ended up being their most successful commercially and making them qualify for this rate, showing that the buying public had even less taste than the record label even tried to get away with! One thing that does stand out for The Cover Girls is how gorgeous and in unity the girls looked throughout their peak – the styling was certainly selling us something, however the bland music created around them fails to give them any worthwhile legacy. This is pretty much the definition of middle of the road and most of the comments seem to agree!

    Let’s start with Zar-Unity (5) - Sweet loving pop song, but as a girl group, they sound rather weak. Tech: 3 Taste: 2 = 5 points. Yep! Kermit_the_frog (2) The most interesting part of this song was the first 10 seconds where I glanced at the screen and mistakenly thought that Rosie Perez had been lead-singer in a girl-group, then looked again and thought she might actually be, then checked Wikipedia and confirmed that I am an idiot. Now THAT would have been amazing. This song? A bit too dull innit? Yes, dull and quite uninspired I am afraid... ComeOnGloria (8) gets the comment right but the score is generous - So overly dramatic!

    Spillett (6) - hated it at first but it is catchy. Yes, catchy as in repetitive without any joy! Filippa (0) is 2/2 at eliminating her zeroes with - Somehow there is nothing going on.

    Trouble In Paradise (6) cannot believe his ears - This song is too cheesy even for me.

    Empty Shoebox (0) is probably going to hell (I’ll probably be there too) & gives a little preview for the score he has in mind for a 90s #1 - Oh **** a children's choir. I know they're not on the record but I saw the video and now I think I hate this song. To me, it sounds a lot like 'We Are the World' and I really did not like that song.

    Sprockrooster (9) is being very generous - Wilson Philips completely stole their schtick, haven't they. Too bad they also did a better job at it, but somehow didn't become as big as Wilson Philips. Ouch to Wilson Philips (and I don’t even like them that much!)

    DominoDancing (4.5) comes through with some recommendations - What a shame that this became their biggest hit. Something like "Show Me" would have deserved it much more. Iheartpoptarts (or Iheartshadytart in this hilarious comparison) (5) Isn’t this just ‘Walking on Sunshine’ sung really slowly by boring people? Ouch x2!

    DJHazey (7) Kind of an aww moment with how they delivery it. Nothing really for me to grab onto, but it's pleasant for sure. Yes, pleasant in the sense of inoffensive and ordinary, which unfortunately isn’t what we look for in a great girl band debut…

    Now with The Cover Girls being a bit of a rate discovery for me and this song not really making me want to check out more from them, please follow DominoDancing’s recommendation of ‘Show Me’ as another one of theirs to have a look at. ‘Wishing On A Star’ seems to be another to do well for them so try that too!
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  7. Christ. We Can't Go Wrong was in the running for my 11 at one point. My poor faves.
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  8. In the running for your 11 and you don't even give it a 10??
  9. 1 down, 2 to go

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  10. 2 down, 8 to go
    but certainly not Shakespears Sister or B*witched!

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  11. I found them sweet, but couldn't justify a 10 because they weren't memorable enough. In fact my 9 was generous, an 8 might have been more appropriate but I was happy to find something in those "freestyle" videos that I liked.
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  12. In hindsight, I should have marked Shakespear's Sister down for misspelling. Oh well.
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  13. I see the @londonrain ways of deducting points for apostrophes is still in effect - not that I am bitter about The Mavis's missing the top 10 of their PJOP round for this banger or anything.... Hmmmmmm

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  14. @Sprockrooster saying that the Cover Girls are better than Wilson Phillips is... definitely an opinion.
  15. To be fair, I remembered his opinion on them well from the last time he rated them!

    (I do wonder how "Hold On" is going to do here compared to my own rate. Similar score, or a bit higher or lower... we'll see, I guess.)
  16. Yes, the story of the 'Hold On'(x2) is an interesting one, that will be told soon...
  17. This is one of the few song I rated under a 5, deserved listening back to it.

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  18. What do you all think will be the first song to go from the 60s/70s/00s?
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  19. 60: Til
    70: Substitute
    00: 4ever
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  20. I'd like it to be I Sold My Heart to the Junkman, Want Ads and Poison.
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