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Part 2's 60s Preview Is Here - The 60s-00s Girl Band Debut Breakthrough Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by berserkboi, Feb 12, 2018.

  1. You might know Best Of My Love and discoveries are always good otherwise:)
  2. Yeah 70s is probably the decade I know least. Except for these:

    The Three Degrees
    The Pointer Sisters
    Sister Sledge
    The Nolans
    The Emotions
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  3. You know what, yeah, I might do this. Just got a few things to clear up contest-wise and rate-wise first. Expect votes at the last minute, probably.

    Oh, and too many words.
  4. Just the way I like it!
  5. Thanks for the tag! I'll think about it. I only recognize a handful of names pre-1990, and of the '90s and '00s girlbands included, I've only really followed maybe 5-6 of them. And you've definitely included the wrong Sugababes song if you're looking for a score above a 3 from me, kii.
  6. ...So can someone Photoshop out "Run for Cover" from that iconic image and replace it with "Overload", for the purposes of this rate?
  7. Oh discoveries are great. But no, never heard Best Of My Love in my life until four minutes ago. Seems to never have charted in Germany, which goes to explain why there are not even any hazy "mum heard it on the radio when I was small" memories of it.
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  8. @Mina - the rate villain who be keep the Sugababes off the top spot comes back!

    Please vote anyway and immerse yourself in that Overload guitar riff first if you can!
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  9. Ohh another fun way to occupy myself over February break! I'm so excited to stan my darling 60s girl groups and discover some new songs! I will also probably be writing too much so I'm glad our host is supportive of my bad habits!
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  10. Bigger than Bardot, who only had success in Australia, really.
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  11. I like the looks of them but tried to limit to 12 per decade, hence why they didn't come up when compiling. Would you like a spotlight post to highlight them? If you'd like to prepare something - I am more than happy to spotlight them and their sound here :)
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  12. I felt the same... But I'm here for this!
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  13. Oh, I'm fine with them not being included. I'm just surprised to see Bardot included, that's all.
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  14. @ohnoitisnathan I just listened to Toto Coelo and I loved them! Thanks for the "recommendation".
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  15. Ddd another rate to add to my list. I'll do this after... PJOPS, the Camila one, PJSC, the Jessie Ware one and the Namie one (I think).
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  16. I will try my best to remember to tag you at the 2 week mark?
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  17. Sure, but then again I'll be watching the topic so it's not like I'll forget.
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  18. Fantastic idea for a rate and theme, as I love girl pop groups!

    But with all this big talk and excitement, you missed the greatest girl pop group of all time.....K3!
    Their first album was in 1999 and they had like 9 albums released in the 2000's!

    Also, I don't see Hepsi nor M-kids anywhere.
    However, I understand that this rate is mainly about representing "the classics".
    So fair enough, but in my mind, K3 is a classic, and so are Hepsi!

    Nice to see Danity Kane being represented though, they were always a gril pop group that I thought had some good quality songs and were somewhat underrated. I've been wanting to listen to more of their music.

    Also, the Sugababes - Ace! Can't have a girl group rate without them.

    I'm not really familiar with the girl groups from the 60's, 70's and some from the 80's and 90's, so this still might be pretty fun to do. I like traveling back in time to discover new exciting talent.

    I actually don't know any of the girl groups from the 70's! Now you got me a little curious to listen.
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  19. Hey @Zar-Unity - A few of these great acts were missed due to them not breaking into the US, UK or Australia (as per the original post). I wanted some variety hence had Las Ketchup as they actually did that (incredibly successfully too) in breaking out into the UK/AUS market! Feel free to stan them as I get the feeling they might need the help once we get going!
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  20. Aww, I see. I missed that part about only focusing on girl groups that broke into the US, UK and Australian markets. Explains a lot. (I was so excited that I rushed down the thread to see which acts were being represented) Two of my favorite mentioned acts are Dutch bands, which I guess only blew up into the top 20 in Belgium and the Netherlands.

    Still, how do you expect me to do a girl groups rate without K3 in the rate??The madness of a narrow sized girl groups rate!
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