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Passion Pit - Manners

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by sushimuffin, May 1, 2009.

  1. Album has leaked now. Sounds kind of amazing. Standouts for me are "Swimming In The Flood," "Folds In Your Hands," "Little Secrets," and "Moth's Wings." Still surprised so many of the Chunk of Change EP songs didn't make the cut. "Smile Upon Me" is brilliant!


    1. Make Light
    2. Little Secrets
    3. Moth's Wings
    4. The Reeling
    5. To Kingdom Come
    6. Swimming In The Flood
    7. Folds In Your Hands
    8. Eyes As Candles
    9. Sleepyhead
    10. Let Your Love Grow Tall
    11. Seaweed Song

  2. The Reeling is still my favorite. The beginning is is just amazing.

    I'd love instrumentals for the entire album too.
  3. Yes, that would be nice. It's true that the only thing about Passion Pit that can get less than amazing sometimes is Michael Angelakos' voice. Thankfully it's tempered down on some of the tracks.

    Sadly, however, the album cover is very sad. We get the colorful & geometric Chunk of Change EP cover, and then...this?!
  4. I too would've liked a cover more vibrant, like the EP, but I really dig something about the Manners cover. It just fits for me; I very much like the green that's going on.
  5. Moths Wings is absolutely amazing! Currently listening through for the first time and its really hard not to go back and listen to Moths Wings before the albums finished! VERY impressed so far.
  6. I know, once you can get over the brilliance of "Moth's Wings," "Little Secrets," and "The Reeling," THEN you can start appreciating how nice the other tracks are. I always have that problem with albums when I'm listening to them the first time.
  7. This album is refreshingly good on first listen!
  8. Little Secrets is just fantastic. I love that sort of sound - 80s electro synth with a modern vibe. The Reeling still sounds amazing after 18 listens in just over a week. And the album is generally really rather wonderful but I can't recall which song is which yet as they haven't fully sunken in.
  9. Yeah, the cover is really a bit dark and boring for the album.

    Fantastic album, even better than the EP in my opinion. I wish I've Got Your Number was on it instead of Sleepyhead though.
  10. Sleepy head is quite a tune though. I might have to investigate previous work by them. Is the Chuck of Change EP any good?
  11. The Chunk of Change EP is wonderful. Like I said, I was shocked that more of the songs didn't end up on the LP. Especially check out "Smile Upon Me" and "Better Things."
  12. Just heard this on the radio, Little Secrets is AMAZING!
  13. moorje

    moorje Guest

    They were my personal favourite at the Reading festival this weekend. Really enthusiastic crowd!
  14. It sure is. I think it may even oust The Reeling on my songs of the year album that I will make in December.
  15. They were absolutely fantastic at Leeds Festival. I'd only heard Sleepyhead and The Reeling before, so I NEED this album!
  16. I was impressed with their Reading/Leeds set (whichever one was shown on TV) - if the singer guy can sort his voice out properly they have a chance of being absolutely massive. The crowd were loving it.
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