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Passion Pit - Tremendous Sea of Love (2017)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jan 30, 2015.

  1. Also someone asked him what this is all about on twitter and:

    He's such a cutie.
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  2. From Twitter, looks like the album(/collection/whatever he's calling it) is titled Tremendous Sea of Love.

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  3. I see he's the Lorde all lowercase type.
  4. I hope this isn't it, I need more.
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  5. I feel very confused but also here for it.
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  6. Love is the answer. Doesn't answer what the hell this is all about though. This one is okay, I like it but not sure I'd want it on an album?
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  7. Put the new songs on Spotify.
  8. I'm at work so this might be shit.

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  9. This one's kinda reminiscent of the boring, twee half of Kindred, but a bit more... tuneful. It's cute.
  10. I just want to know what the hell the project is. Are we getting something of a proper campaign?
  11. So busy couple of days for him, he's said he'll be giving everyone who retweets his #weneedscience tweet and provides an email a copy of the album. He gave over his Twitter to various scientists affected by the recent funding cuts within science and will supposedly give people outtakes/bonus material if they got involved in the conversation. Wonder if this Wishart group has been hit by the cuts?

    He posted this on Twitter an hour ago, and told people to keep a check on their emails, so the album might be out by the end of the weekend.


    Looks like it's going to be quite the scattershot album.
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  12. [​IMG]
  13. Got the email so I guess this has been officially released. Shoot me a PM if you need a copy.
  14. Haven't had mine yet but I'm excited! How is it?
  15. So much better than Kindred.
  16. ...and there's more music coming.

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  17. Amazingly, Tremendous Sea of Love might actually end up competing with Gossamer for my favourite Passion Pit album. Every single track is gorgeous and emotional in its own way, but they all still fit together perfectly. It's really special.
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  18. Where can I get this album?!
  19. Tremendous Sea of Love will be getting a proper release, thank christ. Two weeks from now.

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  20. I'm excited to finally be able to listen to this!
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