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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by VerySickBoy, Aug 23, 2014.

  1. Pat was a huge star in the U.S. in the 80s, maybe the biggest female star alongside Olivia, before Cyndi and Madonna came along. She was also a star in Canada and had some huge hits in Australia. I'm not sure how popular or well remembered she is elsewhere. She did have surprising success with a greatest hits album in the U.K. in 1987.

    Pat comes from my favorite era of female pop stars, the era spanning 1977-1984. I haven't yet gotten to any of her work beyond the 80s, but I like to love all of her albums she recorded during that decade.

    Her debut "In The Heat Of The Night" is my favorite, followed by "Crimes Of Passion" and "Get Nervous". I like "Seven The Hard Way" a lot even though Pat has dismissed it herself. I feel like "Precious Time"is slightly weaker than her other albums of the time, but the singles "Fire And Ice" and "Promises In The Dark" are magnificent.

    I was not a fan of "Tropico" at first, but since getting it on CD I've listened to it a lot more and it's grown on me. I haven't listened to "Wide Awake In Dreamland" much, but "All Fired Up" and "One Love" are two of her best singles.
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  2. Love a bit of Pat. Tropico was the era she made her biggest impact in the UK though.
  3. Yep, 1984/85 saw her have two Top 30 hits in the UK, plus a couple of near-misses. And then All Fired Up did well, perhaps spurred by the success of that 1987 Best Of which debuted in the Top 10 on a very tough week!

    I've got the 1991 and 1993 albums, but haven't ever listened to them in full. It's all about the 80s, and the Tropico/Seven The Hard Way era.
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  4. Her catalogue from 1979 to 1993 is amazing. In the Heat of the Night is a fantastic debut. I love her blues album "True Love". It wasn't a hit but it's well-produced. Her singles run is outstanding.
  5. I love Pat Benatar. "Strawberry Wine" is probably one of my all time favorite songs for sentimental reasons.
  6. 'Sex As A Weapon' should have been a massive hit. Pat Benatar is one of those artists who I think if she was male would have been regarded in same way as (for example) Bruce Springsteen. Criminally underrated.
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  7. And she had a great band backing her up as well, just in the same way - great frontpersons, but without the best of 80's pop n' roll backing them up they'd be nothing. Neil Giraldo is an extremely underrated guitarist, and more importantly, just the right one for her. (And Charles Giordano plays keys for Springsteen now, funnily enough, which is what made me think to reply to this.)

    Haven't heard True Love but I have got Gravity's Rainbow. It's pretty good if you like her more rocking style (circa Crimes of Passion/Precious Time, my two favourites).
  8. All of the Kate Bush mania has reminded me of my love for Pat Benatar. What a voice. I grew up listening to her version of "Wuthering Heights", which was big in the States.

    I once wrote a literary theory paper about her wacky piano ballad/power rocker "My Clone Sleeps Alone", which features lyrics like "No naughty clone ladies allowed in the eighties/No bed names, no sex games, just clone names and clone games
    And you know and I know my clone sleeps alone"
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  9. She's just released "Shine", a collaboration with Linda Perry..

    Pat Benatar Created an Empowering Anthem, ‘Shine’, for the Women’s March on Washington

    Like millions of American voters, singer, songwriter and music icon Pat Benatar woke up surprised on Nov. 9. And when she heard about the Women’s March on Washington, she knew she wanted to take part. But a scheduled performance, which had been on her calendar for more than eight months, meant she couldn’t make it to D.C. on Jan 21.

    “This has been such an incredible year, and to not be a part of [the march] was just really upsetting to me,” she told PEOPLE.

    So instead, Benatar did what she does best: she sang. The song she created for the Women’s March, “Shine,” is an inspiring anthem for women walking on Saturday in D.C. and in the 616 sister marches across the nation. Proceeds from sales of the song will benefit the B.A. Rudolph Foundation, which gives scholarships to young women pursuing unpaid internships in politics, public service or the sciences.

    Benatar conceptualized the project with her friend Tricia Clarke Stone, who runs the marketing agency Narrative_, and then reached out to another friend, music producer Linda Perry, about collaborating. In an act of serendipitous timing, Perry had the beginnings of a song, called “We Will Shine,” that seemed to fit with what Benatar was looking for with this project.

    She took the tune and added lyrics, put her on spin on it and shortened the name to simply “Shine.” The song will be released on Jan. 20, the day before Women’s March, and will cost 69 cents to download — a nod to the disparity in pay between women and men around the nation.

    But the endeavor goes beyond the song: Benatar is also launching the Shine Together movement, which will work to unify people, fund scholarships and support human rights now and into the future.

    “It’s a project that links women together: Women of all nationalities, women of color, every woman, together, so we can go forward and try to put the brakes on what’s about to happen,” she said. “And not roll back the clock.”

    Though its release falls on inauguration day, Benatar stresses that the song isn’t about President Donald Trump.

    “This whole project is not about Trump bashing,” she said. “I have no interest in that whatsoever. It’s about coming around from a positive way.”

    Instead, Benatar hopes to the song will help to empower people from every walk of life, a mindset she conveys with lyrics like, “Truth is the answer/love is the reason.”

    “My whole mantra is that if you raise up one group, everyone benefits,” she said. “So we’re trying to raise up all groups. This is an inclusive movement. It’s great for all of us to be out there, raising our voices and speaking up, but we need real change, and real people in place to make sure that change happens.”

    The Shine Together movement, Benatar said, will hopefully have an impact that lasts far beyond Jan. 21, and she plans to be involved in the Rudolph foundation going forward, too.

    “There’s nothing we can do about what is right now,” she said. “It is what it is. The most important thing we can do is to band together and commit, and make sure that our voices are heard.”

    “Shine” is available on iTunes, Google and other major music platforms now. Learn more about the Shine Together movement here.

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  10. The new song 'Shine' is nothing too exciting but her voice still sounds fabulous.
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  11. Is she going to do a full album, or is this just a one off?
    I've been playing her first 2 albums a lot lately, so good.
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  12. I wish they had continued reissuing and remastering her albums. They did the fist three but never got to Get Nervous (this was 10 years ago).

    I don't know if there is anything in the vaults but it would be nice to see her catalogue get some attention outside of compilations.
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  13. It was all about Love is a Battlefield for me. Her vocals on that are amazing.
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  14. I love Pat Benatar's voice and her first seven albums were damn near immaculate! My favourite albums are 'Get Nervous', 'Tropico' and 'Seven The Hard Way' (plus, of course, "Love Is A Battlefield" and "Lipstick Lies" from 'Live From Earth').
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  15. Love a bit of Pat from time to time but I'm afraid I'm more of a casual singles fan. Love Is A Battlefield, We Belong, Shadows Of The Night, Heartbreaker, Hit Me With Your Best Shot, All Fired Up, Invincible and Sex As A Weapon is pretty much all the Pat I need in my life.

    I would be interested in reading her book though, has anyone read it?
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  16. I was the same, I had a greatest hits for years but I got the new 5 Classic Albums release this week and am enjoying it a lot. Now to track down everything else...
  17. The first album, In the Heat of the Night, with its "Blondie meets British-glam meets off-Broadway-experimental-showtunes" hybrid sound is my favorite

    "We Live For Love" is one of my all-time favorite songs by anyone

    And "My Clone Sleeps Alone" is just bonkers
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  18. As a kid in the US at the time, I was always so curious about the "Best Shots" hits album making the Top 10 in the UK when she hadn't had any significant success there. How did that happen?
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  19. Good question! I was completely baffled when it happened, especially on such a competitive week (new Greatest Hits sets from UB40, The Pretenders and Steve Winwood, as well as new albums from Lloyd Cole and Kiss (I think). Maybe there was a strong TV campaign (things like that made all the difference, a reboot of the Tango In The Night album via an advert of compiled promo clips and extra animation sent it to #1 6 months after release about a week or so earlier). I do remember that CD sales of it were strong, Capital Radio did a CD Sales Top 20 Chart show in 1987, and Best Shots debuted even higher on that than the overall chart.
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