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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by VerySickBoy, Aug 23, 2014.

  1. Ha, the power of TV.
  2. How do you mean?
  3. Oh, in terms of my rapidly deteriorating health at the time (see my piece on The Blue Nile's Hats on my blog or in the EG's Top 100 Albums thread where it was #1). TV was out for a number of years.
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  4. Nasty. What brought that about?
  5. Nobody really knows. My immune system just collapsed after years of wildly fluctuating health.
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  6. Are you OK now?
  7. Not really, it left me vulnerable to a range of other problems and it's been one lovely big mess.
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  8. I'm sorry to hear that. It's a long time to be unwell..
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  9. Yep, most of my life now.
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  10. Co-signed. Love his posts! And getting a "like" from Eric is one of those things that brightens my (often stressful) day.

    Pat's Behind the Music episode is really good. I'm not sure if it's on YouTube but it's worth watching. Especially her clashes with her record label. Those bits are interesting.
  11. (Aw shucks!).

    So, back on Pat Benatar as feisty and intelligent as her image suggests? I've never seen or read anything about her, which is strange because you'd think RM or Q or *someone* might have interviewed her at the peak of the 80s.
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  12. In her Behind the Music special, she does project a feisty persona. She claims she slugged someone from her record label over a disagreement. I'm not sure how true it is (wouldn't she have been charged?).

    When the Crimes of Passion label artwork was completed, apparently the label removed the straps from her top to make it look like Pat was nude (I think this was supposed to be for the back cover), and of course, Pat was angry.

    Pat resisted her image being overly sexualized.
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  13. Stop using sex as a weapon, indeed.
  14. She's super family oriented and grounded and has always been. She's been married to her guitarist/producer for 35 years and she has slowly evolved her act to make it into a partnership. (They tour as 'Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo'). One of the reasons she retreated from the limelight was to focus on having kids. The record company wasn't happy and she basically told them to go to hell and made a blues album and that was pretty much the end of her commercial career. I had a long chat with her touring drummer after a show in Atlantic City and he said the only reason she keeps on touring is to earn money to buy investment properties so that her daughters won't have to worry about money.

    Speaking of her daughters, if you want to get lost in a crazy LA rabbit hole, look up her daughters Haley and Hana Giraldo, who are 20-something model/actress/jewelry designers. Haley had a rumored fling with Harry Styles a few years ago.
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  17. [/QUOTE]
    Thanks for this, @little ern
  18. I'm a bit late, but want to emphasise how much I agree with all of this praise. I remember the tiem when I was just lurking around the forum before signing up and how impressed I was with the poster @Eric Generic and their knowledge about pop music. EG, I just want to say that you were one of the reasons I finally registered and, even though all the great albums I have discovered since because of you (and many other guys here - hats off to you as well!) have cost me a lot of money, but I don't regret a single Euro, Swedish krona or British pound spent! No 'Lipstick Lies' here...
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  19. [​IMG]

    I'm so proud of this gif.
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