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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by VerySickBoy, Aug 23, 2014.

  1. 'Sex As a Weapon' is one of those songs that I wish had about 4 more repetitions of the chorus than it does.
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  2. I guess that many here know that 'You Better Run' was the second video ever played on MTV, but did you realise that 'I'm Gonna Follow You was the 29th one? Until a few days ago, I didn't know the song was a single. Not even Wiki lists it as such. It's not as immediate as some of her big hits, but has a haunting melody. Not sure about the video. She looks amazing, but the entire thing is a bit disturbing.
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  3. I know Madonna is heralded as the quintessential female video star but Pat really benefited from MTV, too (and before Madonna). A lot of her videos had the mini-movie look with a story thrown in (Shadows of the Night, Love is a Battlefield).

    Her Choice Cuts DVD is a treat to watch.
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  4. Isn't Love is a Battlefield badly synced on that. I remember the audio being behind 1-2 secs.

    Also Madonna looked like a mega star from the start. While Pat looked like a... Pat.
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  6. Shuffle threw Le Bel Age my way and I have been bumping it all week. What a massive discovery! Must have always overlooked it among the bigger hits on her Best Of (all I own from her).
  7. I love Le Bel Age (and honestly, isn't that one of the best song titles ever??).

    I really like the Seven The Hard Way album. I know she hated recording it, but it has some of her best singles: Invincible, Sex As a Weapon and Le Bel Age.
  8. Another big fan of Le Bel Age here! What a tune!
  9. I was raised on pat benatar thanks to my mom playing the All fired up best of album to hell and back on our car rides from school....

    Sex as a weapon, the entire Get Nervous album, The ooh ooh song, hell is for children, we live for love....she has some Absolutely massive songs.
  10. Pat was one of my female singers growing up in the '80s. With the exception of Madonna, Anne Murray (I'm Canadian), Laura Branigan, Janet, Whitney and Jody, she was up there.

    Maybe because she rarely releases new music and her catalogue is neglected, I forget how much she means to me, but you're right - she has some massive songs, and songs that have stood the test of time.

    I've probably said it before but I love her blues album, True Love. It inspired me to get into the blues and helped me discover artists like B.B. King and Ruth Brown. Bless Pat.
  11. I didn't appreciate her enough at her peak; Love is a Battlefield is a total classic but for some reason I didn't buy one of her albums until 1988's Wide Awake In Dreamland. Strange really, because she ticked all my boxes for the mid-80s....american female pop/rock with the raspy voice, petite and dark haired. I wasn't really turned on, or tuned in, to female artists until Stevie Nicks at the very end of 1985 seemed to trigger something in me. So, the next Pat Benatar album would be my first.

    Best Shots came from nowhere to debut in the UK Top 10 in 1987, but it's not the greatest Le Bel Age for a start! Later compilations have been better.
  12. This one is all I have from her currently, but I find it a nearly bulletproof collection and the mastering is really great.

    It does seem like Pat doesn't quite have the following that many pop/rock ladies from her time do these days.
  13. That's the one I've got, it's excellent.
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  14. [​IMG]

    My homemade PB collection:

    CD 1
    I Need A Lover
    If You Think You Know How To Love Me
    We Live For Love
    Hit Me With Your Best Shot
    Hell Is For Children
    Treat Me Right
    You Better Run
    Fire And Ice
    Promises In The Dark
    Precious Time
    Shadows In The Night
    Little Too Late
    Looking For A Stranger
    Love Is A Battlefield

    We Belong
    Here's My Heart
    Ooh Ooh Song
    Sex As A Weapon
    Le Bel Age
    Walking In The Underground
    All Fired Up
    Don't Walk Away
    One Love
    Payin' The Cost To Be The Boss
    True Love
    Everybody Lay Down
    Somebody's Baby
    Every Time I Fall Back
    Strawberry Wine (Life Is Sweet)
  15. I’m tempted to get the 5 album box set from Amazon for £9.99 now on the basis of you saying Get Nervous is so good. The set is : In The Heat Of The Night, Crimes Of Passion, Get Nervous, Tropico & Wide Awake In Dreamland. I only have a hits set and Gravity’s Rainbow.
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  16. It's a shame the 5 album set skips Seven The Hard Way but it's still a bargain. And you can get the missing album cheaply 2nd hand, I think.
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  17. Great list! I would also add "My Clone Sleeps Alone", "Never Wanna Leave You", "Diamond Field" and "Temporary Heroes".

    "My Clone Sleeps Alone" is so strange - I love Pat screaming "NO NAUGHTY CLONE LADIES ALLOWED IN THE EIGHTIES!!". I wrote a paper about the lyrics for my university literary theory course.
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  18. Yeah, Diamond Field deserves to be on there. It will turn up on a seven-disc Miami Vice mega boxset project I've been working on for several months.
  19. I know BGO reissued her albums up until Gravity's Rainbow. I have most of them. Don't sound remastered although they sound okay.

    I really wish her catalogue would get some treatment. Not sure if there is anything in the vaults. I suspect Pat and her team were pretty focused, but who knows?

    I avoided her first album for years and when I finally bought it, I was gobsmacked. Great album.
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  20. Which version of "We Live for Love" do you guys prefer?

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