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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by VerySickBoy, Aug 23, 2014.

  1. The LP Mix. It's one of my fave songs of hers.
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  2. This one is a great starting point for any Pat fan:

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  3. Pat (and her husband/guitarist Neil) seem to not really care about the old stuff and it drives me crazy. I interviewed her in Las Vegas in 2002 and asked her about the aborted dance remix album and she just didn’t seem to care. I told her all the gays I knew were obsessed with the we belong and battlefield mixes that leaked around then and she just shrugged. Her drummer told me that are just content to tour as a nostalia act around the states and use the money to buy properties for their daughters.

    It’s all so incredibly frustrating.
  4. I just downloaded Seven The Hard Way after my music OCD decided I needed the missing album from my 5 albums boxset and it's great!

    What does Seven The Hard Way mean though?
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  5. It was her seventh album (technically her sixth studio album since Live on Earth was mostly a live album) and it was a hard album to make (for Benatar) so hence the title.
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  6. It all becomes clear when you put it like that! It's a cool title anyway.
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  7. Nothing to do with dice, then.
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  8. This doesn't surprise me at all. I guess a lot of acts don't see the value of reissuing material since they probably feel there is more money in touring. It also may be just a territorial thing since some artists want control over reissues (although not sure if Pat has ownership of the masters). Gloria Estefan is another as we've seen from the aborted Primitive Love reissue.

    I saw a clip of one of her daughters singing on tour with Pat and well, I'll just say she's nothing like her mother performing-wise.
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  9. What are these dance mixes called/remixed by? I had a look on Youtube but nothing leapt out.

    A Pat Benatar dance remix album sounds like my idea of heaven!
  10. This was the "We Belong" one.

    The "Battlefield" one was labelled Junior Vasquez FX mix I think but I can't seem to find that on youtube now.
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  11. I’ve become obsessed with Pat since the weekend to the point where I feel it’s only her that can save me. I downloaded the Ultimate Collection for £5.99 on iTunes and ordered her memoir on amazon.
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  12. Now you have made me do the exact same thing! The 2005 Greatest Hits I already have only has 20 songs, I was unable to resist this 40 track version for a fiver. Cool artwork too

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  13. Pat will be trending at this rate! Such a good compilation to have digitally for shuffle. I’ll edit it for cd too.
  14. A big draw for me was the remastered Radio Edit of this underrated bop

    You never hear it mentioned but it's Top 5 Pat for me.
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  15. I only found out today it made #42 in the UK. Such a tune, shoulda been a hit!
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  16. As an 11-year-old gay Pat stan who was also obsessed with the charts, I was DEVASTATED when this didn’t chart in the States. I actually started to question good and evil in the world. When I found out years later that it charted in the U.K., my faith in humanity was slightly restored.
  17. I found this 12" single for 50p some years ago. It's beautiful:

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  18. I love that artwork! So nice I may have to track it down to frame for my pop gallery...
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  19. I have the 7 inch special gatefold sleeve EP
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  20. New Pat Top 3: Shadows of the Night, Sex as a Weapon, and Le Bel Age. So glad this thread got injected so I could really revisit her singles. May have to add her to the list to explore the albums!
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