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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by VerySickBoy, Aug 23, 2014.

  1. I wish Love Is A Battlefield was on Tropico.
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  2. The Wide Awake in Dreamland singles are all strong - All Fired Up, Don't Walk Away, Let's Stay Together and my personal favourite One Love, which apparently is dedicated to Bob Marley. I love it and it's a unique song in her catalogue.

    The whole album is great, really. The title song is a tune!
  3. "Painted Dessert" typo, "Temporary Heroes" omission and re-recorded "Every Time I Fall Back" aside, 'Ultimate Collection' is a near perfect capsule of her Chrysalis years.

    I think the only reason they've consistently neglected to use the single mixes of "We Belong" and "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" on her recent comps is because they're the same length as the LP versions. Whoever puts them together must look at the times, pick the shortest available versions and move on to the next assignment.
  4. On the Ultimate Collection disc 2 there’s a run of tracks which is just fabulous. Invincible-Sex As A Weapon-Le Bel Age-All Fired Up-Don’t Walk Away. I’ve pretty much had it on a loop the past 24 hours. Great tracks for the headphones in the gym too.

    Can’t believe I’d never heard Le Bel Age. What a chorus. Pat doing solo Belinda Carlisle before Belinda was in that one.
  5. [QUOTE

    Can’t believe I’d never heard Le Bel Age. What a chorus. Pat doing solo Belinda Carlisle before Belinda was in that one.[/QUOTE]
    I love when she causally raises an octave at the end during the chorus like it’s nothing
  6. I’ve probably posted this before, but this performance still gives me chills. The control she has, singing in that register, is absolutely captivating
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  7. I'd add One Love to that incredible run of Benatar bangers! I had never heard Le Bel Age before this week either and now I wonder how I've lived without it.
  8. Another new Pat discovery for me this week

    Sadly not on the Ultimate Collection but amazing!
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  9. The remix and its bouncing bass synthline is really neat, hadn't heard that until now!

    While I grew up with the edgy guitar added into the single version, the album version without it feels a lot more.....tight? I don't know, it seems like they shoehorned the guitar into the single version to give it some punch for alternative radio/Neil something to do on tour lol
  10. I can't believe I've only listened to Invincible for the first time yesterday. What. A. Tune.

    I need to see The Legend Of Billie Jean as well.
  11. Pat disparages the movie in concert, which I think is a bit rude because a) it's fine and b) it helped give her a hit.
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  12. I got into Pat's music earlier this year and absolutely love her work. I got the '5 Classic Albums' Set which was the starting point and loved all the albums. So far I've listened all the way up to 'Innamorata' so I think there's only 1 album to go.

    'Tropico' might be my favourite Pat album. Diamond Field, We Belong, Painted Desert, Temporary Heroes... all great songs, could listen to it from start to finish.

    Also, I really like this album track for some reason. Not sure why, but I kept replaying it one day. Could have been a single.
  13. It’s great when you discover a whole back catalogue of someone to investigate. For me about 10-12 years ago it was Joni Mitchell. What a treat.
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  14. Oddly enough I've been getting into Joni Mitchell too recently. Absolutely love her stuff. As you said, it's great when there's a big back catalogue to explore and interesting to hear an artist's development over the years.
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  15. Hell Is For Children is featured on the new 2nd season of Mindhunter. It plays over the end credits of one episode, so the whole song basically. It sounded really great actually, even if very creepy thanks to the subject of the series.
  16. I used to be obsessed with this live performance from the MTV Music Awards. I recall that wig being a real wigsnatcher for my little gay heart, and I still know all her moves by heart too, I just noticed. Such a great cover version, 7 Rooms Of Gloom should’ve been a huge hit but as far as I know it wasn’t even a single. Which is a bit strange as they indeed chose to perform it at MTV Awards, and surely that would’ve given it a big push.

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  17. According to every interview, she hates this album because of what a horrible time she had recording it. Apparently the record company forced her to record - threatening to withhold royalties - even though she had a newborn. I imagine did this to screw with them.
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  18. Poor thing. I do think she might’ve missed on a big hit with this song.
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