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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by VerySickBoy, Aug 23, 2014.

  1. In Chris Wright's book about Chrysalis records, he said they offered her "Simply The Best" during this era and she turned it down. I can't imagine anyone but Tina singing it, but to think of the possibilities...
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  2. Ooh, I didn’t know that! I too doubt that her version would’ve been big, after all Bonnie Tyler’s version flopped before Tina put her magic touch on it, but it would’ve indeed been interesting to see what would’ve happened.

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  3. I had no idea there was all that going on around Seven The Hard Way. Ouch.
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  4. Sad to hear that about Seven the Hard Way. Never heard the full album but Le Bel Age and Sex As A Weapon are both in my Pat Top 3!
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  5. Yes, three strong singles and overall it's just behind Tropico and just ahead of Wide Awake for me.
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  6. I found Seven the Hard Way in a thrift shop yesterday. I already have it as part of the BGO reissues but should have got it on its own. Great album. It was a struggle for her to make but some highlights.
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  7. What a song.
    It’s in my Top 3 I feel.
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  8. It’s so ironic - she hates the album but it is actually really strong. The three singles are phenomenal, and the album tracks contain no filler. “The art of letting go” has a gorgeous melody, and “walking in the underground” is so atmospheric and reminds me of “in the heat of the night” from the first album
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  9. Pat's career was profiled in an episode of the Sky Arts series ''Music Icons'' shown last night.

    It gets repeated on the channel at 11pm on Monday night (9th September) or you can watch it on Sky or Virgin's catch up TV services.
  10. A wig.
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  11. I would love to see this but I don't have access.
    Was it just an overview of her music or were there interviews etc?
  12. Thanks for the heads up. I’ve set it to record.

    As for Seven The Hard Way she talks more about it here. I have her book but haven’t read it yet, but it sounds like a nightmare contract. Apart from the reasons she states here I’m guessing her nose is a bit out of joint at having to record songs written by “outsiders”.
  13. Yeah, she obviously has a thing for ”outsiders”!

    She seems to have coloured the whole thing deep black in her mind based on the awful experience. Too much so, I think. It’s not the bad album she makes it out to be, on the contrary.

    "It was an awful record," she told The Believer. "There were probably two songs on there that belonged there, and the other ones should either never have gone on there or they should have been left alone to wait to evolve into a better thing than what they were.”

    Of course it could’ve been even better had they had more time, but who’s to say just because more songs would have been written by themselves that they would’ve automatically been better than the ones not by them now on the album?
  14. Recently listened to Seven the Hard Way again and it was better than I remembered. The album is a step down from her first 5 albums and Wide Awake in Dreamland was definitely an improvement.

    That being said, Seven the Hard Way is still a good album. 'Le Bel Age' and 'Run Between the Raindrops' are amazing, 'Sex as a Weapon', 'Walking in the Underground', 'Invincible' and 'The Art of Letting Go' are also great. That's more than half of the songs on the album, so the album is nowhere near as bad as Pat makes it out to be.
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  15. I think Seven The Hard Way is actually a great album, for the most part. It's one of my Pat peeves ;)
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  16. Re-bought "Best Shots" on CD, brand new for 3.99. I'm going back to these earlier compilations.
  17. I was gagged the other day when my mother said she had never heard of Dame Pat or even Hit Me With Your Best Shot. I thought she was a woman of taste! I immediately rectified the oversight and chucked in Love Is A Battlefield.

    She was unphased.

    I’m being emancipated today.
  18. And with the power of conviction there is no sacrifice!
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  19. Anyone know if the shot that Pat originally wanted for the ''Get Nervous'' album has ever been released?
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