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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by VerySickBoy, Aug 23, 2014.

  1. It would be nice if Get Nervous and subsequent albums would get remastered and expanded. The 2006 remasters were only for the first three albums. Then nothing.

    was a classic. As was 'Love Is a Battlefield'.

    I also love 'Don't Walk Away' and 'Somebody's Baby'.
  3. I only know him as the guy from Ma who knew he sang?
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  6. Well this is random but nice.

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  7. Lenka. Now there's a blast from the (00s) past.
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  8. So Pat, with no fanfare, has dropped a Corona track on Soundcloud. It's basic but she sounds great and the production is great - so glad to hear new music from her. I think she had only recorded 5 songs (including this one) since 2003. I hope she is inspired to record some more.
  9. it's very nice. kind of like a repeating chant... she sounds amazing
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  10. In times like these, we need Pat Benatar's otherworldly voice. Love this.
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  11. I just finished reading her memoir, which she really should have called “I Hate Chrysalis Records”. I enjoyed that it was so detailed about the music and all the albums and is worth a read. I did feel like she came across as a bit of a moan to be honest, that is aside to the sexist crap that she is right to call out.
  12. Sounds interesting. Why does she hate Chrysalis Records so much?
  13. Lots of reasons but mainly the way they were pressuring her image wise and the contract stipulated an album every nine months and when they asked for more time Chrysalis pulled out stipulations about withholding royalties etc.

    She refers to Pat Benatar as a band the whole way through rather than solo artist which I didn’t realise was how she viewed the act.
  14. Interesting, thanks!
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  15. I've just checked out Giorgio Moroder's Metropolis movie and the version of "Here's My Heart" in the movie is so much better than the one on the soundtrack. It's divided into three parts, and someone very kindly stitched them up together:

    The first part is quite "ethereal" - that's probably the best way to put it.
  16. This version has always been miles better than the soundtrack version. I don't understand why it never got an official release.
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