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Paula Abdul

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Charley, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. Feel good finale on Spellbound! Gives me a instant rush of Summer!
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  2. Was there ever an extended mix of Vibeology? I could easily rupture my pussy getting my life to a 10 minute mix!
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  3. I think there was but may be wrong sis. Such a anthem!
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  4. There is a 7 minute Steve Hurley House Mix

    I hope this allows you to slam your bussy into the ground.
  5. Love this song. It's a John Hiatt song, too. Never thought I would see Paula Abdul and John Hiatt mix in a musical fashion but it worked!
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  6. Never knew that, good combination then.
  7. Excuse me while I book myself in to the local A&E for emergency reconstructive surgery!
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  8. He always knocked it out of the park with remixes that man! Legend.
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  9. He did an excellent job of turning Dame Lisa's Love Pains from a disco inferno into a sorely underrated house anthem!

    Just had "a moment" with Straight Up. I always feel my Raja oats when that comes on!
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  10. Straight Up is a total classic! Much prefer Spellbound as an album, but what a run of singles Forever Your Girl had!
  11. Isn't there a story about Paula's mother finding the demo of Straight Up and that she thought it was shit and wouldn't make a good single?

    How wrong she was!
  12. Indeed there is! How anyone can loathe that monster of a bop though!
  13. It's amazing how much that album sold and how successful it was and then... she never really had that success again. A great album though, fond memories of it.
  14. I know! Guess the long gap between 91-95 and a change of sound didn't really help much either.
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  15. I don't really recall seeing anything of her in the UK post that album.
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  16. If you mean the Head Over Heels era ,there did not seem to be much promo at all. Shame ,as My Love Is For Real ,is easily one of her finest singles. Deserved much more than just top 30 in the USA and next to nothing elsewhere!
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  17. Well, any era after that really.
  18. My Love Is For Real really is such a stunning track. Shame the album tanked, it's by far the best in my unpopular opinion.
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  19. My Love is Your Love not being a smash #1 is a true Pop Injustice. That song still goes off. Great production, the Ofra Haza guest spot, Paula's lower register, the killer beat. It's a perfect song.
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  20. I only ever bought the debut album and greatest hits. I really liked Vibeology but kinda felt we'd already had it a few years earlier in the form of Samantha Fox's 'Love House'.
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