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Paula Abdul

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Charley, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. There's also a story about Paula recording some vocals for the song in Elliot Wolff's bathroom and his neighbor kept banging on the wall to get her to stop.
  2. There's this:

    So naturally, the full-length version of this only featured (if I remember correctly) on like, one promo CD release that doesn't come cheap and some of the promo 12" singles.

    To be honest, the Hurley remixes of Vibeology are OK but I don't love them as much as I wish I loved them.
  3. Confusingly, Keith Cohen's EDITED remix uses the bass line from the album version instead!

    Too bad there wasn't a longer version of that.
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  4. BOP!
  5. The Keith Cohen mixes are so much better than the Silk Hurley ones... I remember getting the CD single on release, obviously excited it was Vibeology and felt that the mixes on the UK CD single were disappointing... Only discovered these ones in the last couple of years and would love to get my hands on HQ versions.

    Deluxe Remastered Editions please, Paula - take my money!
  6. Why did the US seem to just go off her in 1992?
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  7. Channeling @Vasilios here but probably grunge and R&B taking over and the long gap and the zzzzz songs.
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  8. SCREAM. She definitely felt 'that was my preteen fave, into serious music now' to her fans and too mature/mumsy to younger ones.
  9. Tastes in music changing I think if I had to guess at anything.Mad to think that Kisses In The Wind was her last ever top 10 hit back in 1991!
  10. Releasing Blowing Kisses in the Wind was such a misfire.
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  11. I love that one, but yes, not the most obvious single either.
  12. Rock House would have given her another US Top 10, such a bop.
  13. How this was never a single?! Madness!

  14. Some say this performance of Vibeology helped speed up the end of her pop career. I think that's a little exaggerated. In retrospect, it's a fine performance, shaky vocals aside. She was body-shamed, which was horrible.

    I think it was just changing trends in pop music. A long wait until her next album didn't help things either.

    Also, the lawsuit which claimed Paula's producers used another vocalist's voice to "blend" in with Paula's didn't help her reputation, although the case ultimately went in Paula's favour.

  15. There are Paula facts that Jeffo doesn't know by heart? I'm scandalized!
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  16. I said that just because I didn't feel like double-checking every Vibeology release on Discogs.
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  17. She was a spectacular performer in my opinion.
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  18. Such a shame how things would turn out. As you say, she had alot of personal issues at the time. The public can be so judgmental at times.
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  19. I just came across this performance as a suggested video on YouTube and OH MY GOD. Iconic. Was this one of her best or was she always this good?

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  20. I remember been shocked that a Paula Andul’s comeback single which also had Ofra Haza as featuring didn’t go number 1 worldwide. My Love Is For Real is still one of those songs that I love listing to.
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