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Paula Abdul

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Charley, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. Great song and great album.
  2. I just dug her Greatest Hits out and gave it a spin. It's easy to forget how many hits she had (in the US anyway). You can see how her voice improved too over the years as you get to the end.

    Her debut is long overdue a proper 3 disc reissue.
  3. I love the singles of Forever Your Girl (total classics of the late 80's), but for me, the album when it comes to Paula all round, is this:

    Just adore it.
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  4. Love that you used the cassette cover, I'm having major nostalgia flashbacks to owning this fine album on that format! It didn't leave my Walkman in summer 1991.
  5. Glad it brought back some great pop memories for you there!
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  6. I never took to Spellbound, probably because I didn't like Rush Rush. Think I'll pick up the third album though.
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  7. Yes, try it. Head Over Heels, is a really underrated album!
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  8. I've never actually heard Head Over Heels but over time I like My Love Is For Real more and more. It's Paula's very own Confide In Me!

    Her three albums are crying out for deluxe reissues. I always preferred Spellbound to Forever Your Girl but I'd snap them all up for all the 7" and 12" remixes.
  9. My Love Is Real, is VERY Confide In Me yes! I also adore the Strike remix of it too!
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  10. Strike liked it so much they released their own version too!
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  11. Be fools not too!
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  12. And of course, that flopped too!

    Naturally I have it on CD single.
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  13. Playing Spellbound atm, and Rock House, is the single that should have been!
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  14. Rock House is amazing! My favourite Paula "deep cut".
  15. It's just ace!
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  16. "to the critics on my jock - shut up and dance" will never not be iconic!
  17. loving all this Paula love! Her back catalogue really does deserve some love and care put into it and then unleashed once more to the world in excellent quality!

    I'd even be happy with a Gina G type scenario where all her singles/mixes get put online, but remastered. Anything really!
  18. Yes, her back catalogue, is LONG overdue a re issue! There is a demand for it am sure!

    Also, this should be remembered more as one of the great love songs of the 90's:

    Longest running #1 in America, since Madonna's Like A Virgin too, with 6 weeks at the top!
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  19. Rush Rush is my favourite Paula single, it's so lush and dreamy.

    Well that and Vibeology tend to take turns as my favourite Paula song, depending on the day of the week!
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  20. I think they could have got more mileage from the debut. Both State Of Attraction and One Or The Other could have been singles in my book. I think her UK label were stupid binning Cold Hearted as the b-side of Straight Up.
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