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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Charley, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. That opening is amazing. I forget what an amazing choreographer Paula is.
  2. She really had a signature style... mixing jazz, tap, funk, ballet. I think her strongest performances was when she was doing her own choreography (the AMAs above, 1989 VMAs, Cold-hearted)... before she got too busy to choreograph for herself (somewhere around Opposites Attract, and definitely by the Spellbound album). Those were the days.
  3. Is any record company going to remaster her albums? It has been a while since these are in dire need of a kick up on the volume's side.
  4. I haven't seen that is donkies. I also loved her AMA performance of Vibeology. This is when popstars were stars and not the headline grabbing celebrity whores that most are these days.

    My era of music... and perfection.

    I also have the compact of Spellbound and the super rare popup of the album. Agreed!!! Remasters/reissues are very much needed!
  5. I found my old Paula albums the other day, and she really got some proper pop gems on there: Rush Rush, Cold Hearted, Vibeology, My Love Is For Real and Sexy Thoughts (just to mention a few). I hope she will release new music one day.
  6. I'm not really "here for" new music, I'd be happy with 2CD album re-issues and/or a remix anthology. I don't think you could satisfactorily compile all the material from the debut onto 2CDs, which is why I thought of a remix anthology, essentially an expanded Shut Up And Dance, which takes in both albums... not really fussed about album 3.
  7. I would pay good money for an Expanded Forever Your Girl and a Shut Up & Dance 2.0.
  8. A Forever Your Girl box set. It was a huge album and deserves the lavish treatment.
  9. Spellbound > Forever Your Girl
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  10. I'm sad a 'new' album never materialized. When American Idol started I went into Paula overdrive, discovered I loved her music, and that she was a killer live performer. She said back then that an album was coming, but eventually all that ever came of it to my knowledge was that Kylie castoff "Here For The Music" one-off. I think she is an underrated artist. People bang on about her voice not being any good, a bit like the way they do/did about Britney's, but considering her era I think she was a completely serviceable vocalist.
  11. This pulls me back... I think Paula was a decent pop singer, she had a very distinctive voice. The Spellbound album was my soundtrack to the summer of 1991. Head Over Heels was probably her best album and really should've been the big comeback for her.

    Rush Rush (live)
  12. I agree. Head Over Heels is such a great album. Why did it underperform so badly?
  13. I don't know. Some say My Love Is For Real was a bit too dark and edgy for mainstream radio but I doubt that was it. Maybe it was the same as with Madonna now, even though the music itself is good people just aren't interested any more. And once you get that stigma of being passé it's very hard to scrub it out. Sonically Head Over Hills was very current in 1995, it felt fresh and energetic. A bit more urban/ r'nb than the previous albums. I think Paula was at her best with Sandra St. Victor, Peter Lord Moreland, and V. Jeffrey Smith (of The Family Stand), they got the essence of Paula Abdul (Rush Rush, Vibeology, The Promise Of A New Day, CrazyCool).
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  14. I think she left it too long between albums. 4 years in those days was an eternity. As Vas would say if she had released it a year or two earlier it would have smashed! My Love Is For Real is great, very Confide In Me, though back in the day I preferred the Strike Straight Up There Mix. Strike clearly loved the song too as they later released their own cover of it.

    My Paula Holy Trinity is Rush Rush, Vibeology and The Promise Of A New Day.
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  15. Top 5 Paula?

    1. Straight Up
    2. Vibeology
    3. The Way That You Love Me [LP Version]
    4. Knocked Out [Round 1 - Extended Mix]
    5. Rock House

    ...I think they'd have to work in a DVD of her promos to any re-issue(s) because she actually had pretty solid music videos. I have an awful feeling Edsel's Music Club Deluxe 2CD set (which was lazy and pretty awful) sold poorly.
  16. They would probably do what they did with Cathy Dennis and just add 2 mixes on the end of Shut Up And Dance.
  17. I agree with the previous comments about Head Over Heels. I don't understand why it underperformed as it did. I expected it to not do as well as her previous albums - the wait was too long and when Spellbound was cooling off, the music scene was changing with grunge and hip-hop becoming more popular, and the court case didn't help things either. But it still should have done a bit better. My Love is For Real is a fantastic single and it appeared to be doing well at first. It still sounds great 20 years later. It was edgier than Paula had done before and the remixes were top-notch.

    Crazy Cool is classic Paula.
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  18. It's difficult to choose, but I think my Top 5 Paula must be:

    1. Rush Rush
    2. Vibeology
    3. My Love Is For Real
    4. Straight Up
    5. Cold Hearted
  19. My top 5 Paula:

    1 Knocked Out [Pettibone Remix]
    2 Rush Rush
    3 Promise Of A New Day
    4 Straight Up
    5 My Love Is For Real

    All amazing and probably interchangeable based on my mood.
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