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Paula Abdul

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Charley, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. Recently found Forever Your Girl on cassette. I felt 6 years old again.
  2. Don't think this has been mentioned yet, but Paula is headlining her own tour later this year.... shame it's only North American dates, would love to see her!
  3. I'm not loving the Picture. Looks like she's in Chicago or something other musical.
  4. It's been mentioned, check the last page.
  5. I saw that the other day and fully gagged. I saw a vid of it and it looked unreal. I would be at that show in a fucking heartbeat if it came to the uk.
  6. My bad!
  7. Horny horns!
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  8. I'm so excited to see what old songs she trots out now that she will finally have room for a full set list.

    My wish list:
    - Crazy Cool
    - My Love is For Real
    - Blowing Kisses in the Wind
    - Promise of a New Day
    - Will You Marry Me

    Instead we're probably getting "Dance Like There's No Tomorrow," "I'm Just Here For The Music," and a 20 minute Skat Kat solo video interlude.
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  9. Sis she's doing a full show, she will do ALL the singles and more.
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  10. if she brings out the original choreo i would be so SL*YED

    also i hope that she will perform ain't never gonna give you up!!! (i also hope she will bring the tour to europe)
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  11. OH that's what she's saying omg i've always thought she's saying "honey boy"
  12. Meet & Greet tickets are $250, why is the US so far away.
  13. I still need to give her 3rd album a listen
  14. SOO many songs with a cute sleek retro feel it's GREAT
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  15. I love her first 2 albums. I've been meaning to give the 3rd a listen but I keep forgetting. I will have to do it this week. No more putting it off
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  16. I've never heard her third album either, despite loving the first two.

    I'm still patiently waiting for deluxe reissues of all three to give me the opportunity.

  17. I never gave it a chance because it flopped. I know that's a bad reason.
  18. Have a good time ooo it's her best album to me
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  19. I have absolutely no recollection of Head Over Heels coming out in the UK. Odd that it totally passed me by when Spellbound is one of my favourite albums.
  20. I only got into her music about 2 years ago and started with the hits. The 3rd album had no hits so I completely skipped it. The album cover is so good though
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