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Paula Abdul

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Charley, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. Head Over Heels has so many fantastic moments on it. Missing You is especially a touching gem.
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  2. I think Head Over Heels is my favorite album of her's but I've not heard the full Spellbound. I just know that Vibeology aside, the singles were not favs of mine.
  3. That's the thing, she was so big from '89 to '92 and then it just went quiet. I remember when the album came out but there was little fanfare. There's some good stuff on Head Over Heels.
  4. Yes, the 3 year gap, just stopped her career in its tracks.
  5. You're missing out as U and Rock House are excellent peak Paula.
  6. Peak Paula bops those too.

  7. Peak Paula, live!
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  8. Her tour looks really good. She is serving visuals despite being on a small stage. Some of the other girls could take notes
  9. Sounds promising.
  10. Now the cooler months are on the horizon, looking forward to legitimately play Blowing Kisses In The Wind again!
  11. I can't even at her dancing with that fool in an MC Skat Cat costume and where is Knocked Out?
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  12. Still vintage Paula for me hehe.
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  13. The 1990 video for Knocked Out isn't on youtube (or anywhere that I can find) as it's blocked in the UK but I bought it a while back on iTunes and is actually the only version of Knocked out available there.

    These things irritate me.

    I hate it when things aren't on youtube or are blocked in the UK looking at you Cathy Dennis

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  14. Yes, I much prefer the 1990 video version of Knocked Out too! I think her VEVO briefly had it but could be wrong.
  15. The amount of showmanship is incredible....
  16. That performance was everything! I really would love to see the show and am keeping everything crossed it comes to Europe even if it is just a couple of dates. I’m guessing unlikely though.
  17. Even just a few European dates would be good. Please Paula!
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  18. "Cold Hearted Snake" is fucking amazing.
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  19. This was amazing. Less vocoder though please.
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