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Paula Abdul

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Charley, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. Absolutely is! As it the video:
  2. I was NOT expecting that. Damn, Paula! She slayed! Wtf is that effect on her vocals though?

  3. Issa little 90s secret
  4. What was it like back then when this dropped? I mean like this snatches the entire 80s wig tbh
  5. Much like Primeney, I don't think Paula ever got the proper respect as a performing artist that she deserved and people were waiting for her to fail from the jump--but someone who wasn't 3 in 1989 might be able to shed a brighter light.
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  6. Sorry, couldn't tell ya, was only born in 1991 he he. Am currently blasting out the Forever Your Girl singles-great way to start the week.
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  7. Huge everywhere more so in the US. UK got a weird remix so the video didn't work as well.
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  8. This the one? It is not very good this mix I agree!
  9. As someone who finds Cold Hearted by far the weakest single from the debut, I don't mind this remix at all. In the context of a release in late 1990 after the Knocked Out Pettibone remix and the remix album this makes perfect sense. Had it actually breached the top 40 and I had been aware of it at the time, I may even have considered buying it.
  10. I suppose that remix was more to promote Shut Up And Dance then?
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  11. I assumed both it and Knocked Out were tie-ins but this wikipedia article is confusing me!

    Apparently the album was "re-released" in the UK in late 1990. No mention of either single being released to promote it - neither of the singles mentioned were released in the UK were they US promo singles? - but the track listing does include 12" mixes for both songs. I'm assuming they are the same mixes on the album as used for UK single releases. The Chad Jackson remix seems to be the final track on the UK edition as a 12".
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  12. Very confusing indeed!
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  13. So e-zeee to be confusing.
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  14. Indeed! Hehe!
  15. The video is blocked for me :\

    Why did so many songs have SO many different mixes back then? Like the 7" edit etc... Amy Grant has SO many as well...
  16. Holy shit.

    Werk, Paula.
  17. I think it was because it was the era of the 12 inch single too, so they would be full of different remixes aimed at the clubs too. Plus it was a good way of expanding the album's shelf life and enhance the campaign/sales.
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  18. That Straight Up performance being relegated to the eyes of comeback corner is an injustice.

    What a performance! The energy, outfit, routine, staging...10/10.

    We have seen that staging loads since Beyoncé at the 2011 Billboards but this may be one of my favourite uses of it.
  19. Indeed, Paula needs more love and respect!
  20. I'm just getting into Paula, and my god she is not respected enough.

    Her performance on the NKOTB tour was OUTSTANDING. Like... THAT was an opener (and probably quite overlooked)?! One of the best tour performances I've ever seen. Especially Cold Hearted Snake.

    Like, I'm flabbergasted.

    I'm going through her material too and My Love Is For Real is a Bedtime Stories esque BOP.
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