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Paula Abdul

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Charley, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. She is such a great live performer. Although her bread and butter is good ol' fashioned choreo she has an (unexpectedly) great eye for visuals and effects which truly elevate her live show. She's been giving us fierce performances for three decades now and I wish she got more credit from people.

  2. Posting this again if we're talking iconic performances. INCREDIBLE.

  3. The choreography flows so well and it’s just stunning. THIS is how you open an awards show take notes everyone else.
  4. Paula really was a perfect popstar I think!
  5. It still kills me that we didn't get any Paula Abdul albums in the 00s. I'm convinced she could have made a massive comeback on the scale of "Believe" / "Music" / "All For You" / "Can't Get You Out of My Head" if she had played it right. That early 00s electronic vocoder pop would have fit her perfectly, and I think the public would have welcomed a return to music if she had done it before Idol took off longterm.

    Her run was still incredible though. Head Over Heels remains incredibly underrated.
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  6. It's strange because as a child of the 90's, Paula felt so much older than Jan and Madonna. I grew up knowing who all three were but on Idol, Paula seemed like a popular singer from the 80's while I felt Janet and Madonna were just two other successful, current, female singers. I confused musical activity with youth I guess. In hindsight I feel she could have scored a hit in 2001-2003 with the Idol recognition and a massive electro pop banger ala Fever/Music. By 2004, her chance was shot because the US got swept up in the "erratic" perception.
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  7. Well, she was about to make a comeback with Spinning Around in 1999 but gave up on the idea. There was obviously nearly a full album recorded/ demoed at that point. I believe she had crippling health problems on and off for years, which led to her decision not to pursue a full-on comeback.
  8. I still would have loved to hear her version of Genie In A Bottle (Paula > Xtina)
    It sucks that she wasn't in the right place physically, but that is not her fault obviously!
  9. On a selfish level, am glad in a way she did, as Spinning Around was tailor made for Kylie at that point in time, and I can't imagine anyone else doing that song now.
  10. Spinning Around would've brought any has-been back to life in 2000 but it was really the perfect song to revive Kylie's limping career. Anyway, it would be nice if Paula released even one new track to celebrate the tour and her career. Naturally co-written by Lord/St Victor/Smith. Or Rhett Lawrence.
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  11. I feel that if ever was a time for a Paula re-issue or three, that time is now. With the tour coming up - it does feel like a no brainer, but I guess that depends on how the record company looks at it...
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  12. I knew that Spinning Around was originally her song but didn't know she had gotten Genie first too. What could have been!
  13. Paula singing Genie In A Bottle is such a pop thought!
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  14. Do we know if she actually recorded Genie In A Bottle? I've never heard about that before and now I need it in my life - it would have been amazing!
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  15. It is by far Christina's best single, but Paula would have nailed it.
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  16. It's the only Christina Aguilera song that I like! I bought the CD single the day it came out, such a great 90s bop.
  17. It really is.
  18. I could totally picture Paula on "Genie." It's very "My Love Is For Real" actually, isn't it?
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  19. Yes, it has that vibe about it that's for sure.
  20. No, she didn't record it, sadly, but it was for her/her comeback in '98/'99...
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