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Paula Abdul

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Charley, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. Shame, I bet she would have nailed it! (Not that Christina didn't!)
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  2. The ITV3 Repeats of Coronation Street have hit spring 1990 at the moment, and the amount of time I've heard Opposites Attract in the background of the cafe lately. Gail Tisley certainly has great music taste what with that and all those SAW bops.
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  3. I like the stuff she did for others:

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  4. I know! I mean I'm a Paula stan over Xtina so I would so prefer to hear her sing it... I think she'd slay tbh
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  5. Ms Abdul is sure one talented lady that's for sure.
  6. She also did this:

    The chapter of Ruth Pointer's book about the video shoot is...interesting.
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  7. She sure was one of the 80's top choreographer's.
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  8. Oh I didn't realise she did Goldmine. Will have to check out Ruth's book.
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  9. Caught up with the ITV3 Repeats of Coronation Street earlier, and once again Opposites Attract was played, this time when Deirdre Barlow went to see an man about her house-Paula gets everywhere!
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  10. What I love about Paula as a choreographer is that she’s a big picture person, making sure that her choreography as a whole looks good and tells a story. She always made sure that the artist and the dancers looked good doing it which unfortunately isn’t always the case with the pop choreographers of today.

  11. Indeed, she knew what makes a popstar performance I think. Others could take note.
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  12. Why aren’t you spilling the T tho.
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  13. Love Genie in a Bottle.
  14. Honestly, seeing her live in 2017 was like DAMN...
    The visuals + choreography + UPDATED (pre-recorded) vocals were such a moment in my life tbh
  15. Does she sing live at all?
  16. Yes, check out her LIVE performance of (I'm Just Here) Here For The Music on Idol... Queen of auto tuning her own vocals while dancing!

    (lol but from what I heard at the show, aside from "a buh-buh-a buh-buh-buh - bye" audience interaction no)
  17. “Inspiration” the Britney Bitch for sure
  18. I know she sang some or most of the Spellbound Tour live but the new tour, I doubt any of it is live except for what @Anticonformity mentioned. Maybe she will sing her ballads live.
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  19. (She says everyone was on drugs)
  20. She's going to very random places on this tour, and is missing major cities like LA. She's mainly playing casinos and event halls it seems?
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